Mom Confession: I Drool When I Sleep and The Struggle of Being REAL

Mom Confession I Drool When I Sleep

I must admit that on days when I am SUPER tired, I wake up in the morning and I realize I drooled! My hair is soaking and so is my pillow. GROSS!! This didn’t use to happen to me when I was younger, but now that I am older AND I am working on serving…

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Back to School Q&A- “My Child is Not Waking Up in the Morning,” Plus Bullying, Confidence, Homework


With Back to School being in full gear, are you struggling with: …Getting the kids ready for school in the morning? …Your child not liking the teacher? …Your child not making friends? …Your child feeling low self confidence about learning? …Your child getting BULLIED? …Your child not doing the homework on his/her own? Let me tell…

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The Power Behind the Heroine- Meet Disney’s First Latina Princess


This is part of a sponsored collaboration with DiMeMedia and Disney Channel. However, all opinions expressed are my own. There are times in a young girl’s life when there is a power that takes you beyond what you have ever imagined… sometimes that power comes through example and sometimes it comes through words of affirmation. I’ve…

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How to Live and Leave YOUR Legacy


Recently I hosted a local event in South Florida called Legacy Leadership Miami. At this event, I gathered influencers, community leaders, business owners and government officials to talk about family and legacy. We had the honor of hearing from Senator Anitere Flores, 7th Degree Black Belt Angel Gonzalez and Principal of the Year for Miami…

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The Right Strategy- 4 Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Get Your Desired Outcome


A few weeks ago I shared with you that I had not yet accomplished my goal of having six pack. One of the things I shared was that my strategy had not worked. Interestingly enough, several of you asked me to share more about what a STRATEGY is and how I use it to help me…

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Choosing the Best Time to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Spouse

SS_Difficult Conversations with Your Spouse

I wish I could tell you my marriage is a breeze. The truth is, it’s not. In fact, I always say, “Gus and I are the strongest marriage I know and the weakest marriage I know.” Because of our childhood issues and the many challenges we’ve had in our marriage, it is so easy for…

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How to Avoid Overwhelm (When There are Tons of Things to Do)?


Last week was probably the craziest and busiest week I’ve had all year. I was making preparations for my first Live Life with Flavor Experience, where I hosted a group of amazing and beautiful women in their journey to freedom and living to their full potential. I was coordinating food preparations, schedules with the Zumba…

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Your Kids Are Leaving Their Mark… Are You?


We’ve all found a wall, a table or a piece of furniture that has been written on by our adorable children… It never fails! They find the ONLY permanent marker in the house and find the most inappropriate place for their “art,” YIKES! This happened to me recently. I was walking by the kitchen island and…

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Mom, What Do We Do When We Don’t Accomplish Our Goals?


Not accomplishing our goals can feel pretty defeating… But, what if there was a way to learn from NOT accomplishing our goals, so we have more probabilities of accomplishing them next time? Well, that’s what happened when I set a goal and DIDN’T accomplish it last year. I had a very compelling goal of having…

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Struggling Through Life? Enough of That! Just FLOW…

ss_FLOW (1)

Do you sometimes feel life is tough? Does everything seem like a struggle? Marriage? Kids? LIFE? Want to know how to change that? Then read on… Life hasn’t always been easy on me. For that reason, I learned from a young age that I needed to PUSH through circumstances. If things were to happen, I…

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