Your Kids Are Leaving Their Mark… Are You?

We’ve all found a wall, a table or a piece of furniture that has been written on by our adorable children…

It never fails! They find the ONLY permanent marker in the house and find the most inappropriate place for their “art,” YIKES!

This happened to me recently. I was walking by the kitchen island and found out my precious 6 year old had written her name on one of the wooden shelves!

We are all born with a need to LEAVE OUR MARK in this world! 

  Shirley Solis, Tweet This

I could have gotten upset, but rather I chuckled at her urge to “leave her mark.” Looking back, I realized all my children had done that. In fact, it didn’t take me long to recognize we are all born with a need to LEAVE OUR MARK in this world.

Unfortunately, we teach children it’s wrong to “leave our mark” and by the time we become adults, we have been reprogrammed and have left that hardwired urge behind.

As a mom of six, I not only want to make sure my children are leaving their mark, but I also want to make sure I am leaving my mark in their life and in the world.

Youtube Video Link- Your Kids Are Leaving Their Mark in the World… Are You?

There are 3 things I want you to consider as you ponder on leaving your mark:

1.You are here to leave your mark- You have a personal mission in this world. You were born with a need to leave a mark- just like your children- and you should give yourself permission to dream and to ask what is the “mark” you are supposed to leave behind.

2. Your family is your first priority to leave your mark- Most parents understand the great responsibility they have to making an impact in their child’s life. The legacy we leave behind starts with having a vision for the future of our family and knowing WHAT MARK we want to leave behind. How do we want to be remembered? What traits do you want to pass on? What lessons do you want to make sure you teach them? These questions are the beginning of leaving your mark with your family, but make no mistake, your family is your first mission field to leaving a mark in this world.

3. Leave your mark in the world- Once your family is in order, jump into your bigger mission! Hint- accomplishing your bigger mission will be more fulfilling when you’ve learned to thrive as a family.

You are a precious human being. You are special and YOU ARE HERE TO LEAVE YOUR MARK. Don’t hold back. We are in this together ; )

Question: Are you ready to leave your mark in the world? Why? Why not?