• Intimate Marriage

    In this 2 hour audio workshop, Gus and Shirley share what they learned after their marriage nearly ending in divorce. Today they experience a beautiful, intimate marriage and through this workshop they want to encourage you to experience a marriage full of unconditional love and intimacy. ($20 $12)

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  • Number One Tool to Get Children to Do Chores, Just the Way You Want

    Have you ever asked your children to do dishes and they washed the dishes, but forgot to clean the counter and did not take out the garbage? Because parents experience this frustration, I developed a simple AND VERY EFFECTIVE system to get children to do dishes (or any chore), just the way we want. This is a 1 hour video and downloadable PDF. ($15 $12)

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  • Most Powerful Parenting Tool (But the Least Used)

    There is ONE powerful tool that all parents have access to… but VERY FEW parents actually use (because they don’t know). This tool is SO powerful that within hours of learning and applying this tool, you’ll feel more at peace and you’ll notice significant attention and obedience and engagement from your children. This workshop is life changing! This is a 1 hour video and downloadable PDF. ($15 $12)

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  • Homeschool Mom's Basic Audio Bundle

    You get all these workshops:

    Workshop #1: Thinking Like a CEO Mom

    American corporations employ CEOs who are some of the most passionate and world changing people in the world. How do these CEOs prepare to execute their job? How do they invest their time? How do they use systems to make things duplicatable and functional? In a fun and practical workshop, Shirley will share principles CEOs use to make corporations successful, so you can learn from them and apply some of these same principles to your home, not only to make things run smooth from “upper management” to the rest of the team, but to make a lasting impact in our children and the family. ($15 Retail)

    Workshop # 2: Learning Naturally~ An Insight into Charlotte Mason Education

    Inspire your children to learn naturally by introducing them to great classic literature, a love of nature, and an appreciation for music and art. A “how to” workshop based on the teachings of homeschooling pioneer, teacher, and philosopher, Charlotte Mason. ($15 Retail)

    Workshop # 3: Simplicity as a Way of Life

    With more churches than ever, higher median incomes, more books to choose from, and abounding ways of doing things faster, why do we still feel we are rushing through life and missing so much of what matters? In this practical but convicting talk, be prepared to find ways to simplify home, church, relationships, finances and even homeschooling. Full of ideas, you’ll be encouraged to de-clutter your life and set new goals to help you have a more meaningful and simple life. ($15 Retail)

    Workshop # 4: Kindergarten 101~ the Three R’s and A Little Bit More

    At the beginning of our homeschool journey, we feel overwhelmed and not sure where to start. Often, the key is identifying your educational philosophy and keeping it simple. Let Shirley encourage you in your walk as a homeschool parent, and teach you the basics and a little bit more of what you can do with your little ones. You will find you can save lots of money and still give your children an amazing foundation. ($15 Retail)

    Workshop # 5: What Does a Relaxed Day Look Like?

    Do you follow a relaxed approach to education or wish you could? Perhaps you are unsure if you are doing it right or even how to do it. Are you doing enough? People want to know, “Really, how can I homeschool multiple children and multiple subjects all at once and still keep my sanity?” Shirley answers this question as she shares what relaxed homeschooling looks like for her family and how YOU can easily homeschool all ages and over 7 subjects (if you choose) EASILY!! ($15 Retail)

    You ONLY Pay $75 $37!!

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  • Homeschool Mom's Bonus Audio Bundle

    You get all these workshops:

    Building Character and Strong Work Ethics with Your Children 

    So many of the issues we deal with as homeschoolers could be solved if we simply worked on character. But, this is sometimes not so simple…right? Many of us weren’t taught about character ourselves and we often struggle with our own lack of character. While this workshop focuses on how we can work on our children’s character, by means of practical applications, we will learn practical steps to get the whole family in gear. It will be no surprise to find out why Shirley and her husband are often complimented on their children, who have “the hardest work ethics they have ever seen.”  ($15 Retail)

    Habits are Important! 

    Homeschooling pioneer, teacher and philosopher Charlotte Mason said “the mother who takes pains to endow her children with good habits secures for herself smooth and easy days.” Shirley shares why habits are so important and how they impact our lives. This enlightening message gives tips on building habits of obedience, orderliness, attention, and more, in ourselves and our children. ($15 Retail)

    Raising Children to Impact the World

    Fulfilling our call to disciple the nations cannot be achieved unless we are raising young diplomats… We must understand the differences between cultures among the people of the world. Shirley challenges us to break outside of stereotypes and then teaches us practical steps to empower our children to impact the world. ($15 Retail)

    Popsicles, Playroom and Homeschooling Toddlers 

    Homeschooling is challenging enough…but when we add toddlers to the picture, we might end up with a little more than delicious popsicles and a clean playroom, if you know what I mean. But it doesn’t have to be that hard… with practical tips and the right perspective, you can look and act more like Dr. Jekyll, while leaving Mr. Hyde behind. Connect to this workshop to find out how to get an extra dosage of patience and grace to help us make it through these difficult days! ($15 Retail)

    Academics for the Glory of God 

    In recent years, some methods of education glorify academics. These methods have gained popularity because the results are children who reach high academic standards. But do we have to sacrifice a Christian Worldview to have the same results? What does God have to say about academics? You will be amazed at your findings! ($15 Retail)

    Raising Young Entrepreneurs 

    Do you have a child that would sell your cat if you let him? Or one that is always coming up with unique ideas? Find out what the Solis family has done to help their children develop business skills. Learn from their successes and failures to help ease the path to entrepreneurship. Beware…attending this session might mean your children will make $800 a month or more at 14!!  ($15 Retail)

    Homeschooling Economically 

    One income homeschool families often feel pressed financially, lacking the resources to get ahead. How are we to manage these resources and be good stewards? In this workshop, Shirley Solis will share the many options available to homeschool families and the ways to successfully educate our children at home without breaking the bank. ($15 Retail)

    Real Life + Real Books = Real Education 

    Can it be so simple? Time and again homeschool families have given their children a great education through real life experiences and a love of reading. Find out what works and how you, too, can enjoy this journey. Great seminar for beginning and veteran homeschoolers! ($15 Retail)

    SPECIAL BONUS!!!! How to Homeschool Transcripts for the Highschool Years!

    You will receive a link to a video training on how to create a homeschool transcript for the highschool years! After going through this process, I created a transcript in just 30 minutes! This is GOLD! ($30 Retail)

    You ONLY Pay $120 $57!!

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  • Homeschool Mom's Thrive Coaching Program

    Whether this is your first year or tenth year in homeschooling, you could probably use a little direction and a little inspiration…

    Get 2 Thrive Mentor Mom™ Calls to get the love you need to lift you up!  I want you to finish your homeschool journey in the right way and enjoy it all along the way. In these calls, I will:

    • Help you choose the right curriculum for your family, so you AND your kids are happy
    • Make suggestions to make your homeschool simpler, so you are not going around in circles!
    • Train you to make a schedule or plan that is flexible, but provides basic structure to provide an easy and flowing routine
    • Propels you to set realistic goals for academics and character, so you are not out of balance
    • Help you keep your priorities, so you don’t burn out!

    If you find yourself struggling more and more, then these 2 coaching calls will be the beginning of a significant release towards peace and joy in your home- GUARANTEED (or your money back)!!!

    You ONLY Pay $197 $97!!

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  • The Youngpreneur Program

    This program is designed for children ages 7 to 16 who want to learn how to start their own business, be successful at it, and actually make money too!

    Do you have a budding entrepreneur?

    So did I (several actually, haha)! I took advantage of my boys’ desire to learn and I taught them strong work ethics and entrepreneurial skills…Well, they took off with it and started an Ebay business that was making $600 a month! They have also done garage sales, sold toys, sodas, recipes, honey and so many other things. Their latest endeavor is The Youngpreneur Program, a 3 week course (delivered online inside a member’s area) created by Nick, Alexis and I to teach YOUR youngpreneur the basics of business…
    at a young age! 


    3 Week Online Course
    You ONLY Pay
    $147 $97!!

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