Peak Performance Coaching

What is Peak Performance Coaching?

Peak Performance Coaching is the ability to take any person, family, business or entity to a higher level of performance based on their vision.

As a Master Neuro Linguistic Programmer Coach, Master Hypnotherapist and Time Line TherapistĀ®, I have the tools and the experience to help you reach your family and business goals. From a family that needs IMMEDIATE intervention, to a business that needs new systems and processes to increase profit, I am the Peak Performance Coach to get you there.

Personal Guarantee- My coaching sessions are guaranteed to get you results or I don't get paid.

What can I help you with?

  • Marriage- conflict, mediation and resolution, values alignment and communication.
  • Women- weight loss, recurring bad habits, trauma, empowerment.
  • Parenting- family dynamic, powerful parenting, family healing.
  • Business and Organizations - optimizing processes to increase results, idea and brand development, team building strategies, family education, sales optimization and influence training.
  • Family Business- family and business dynamics, team building strategies and communication.

Rates are $350/hour

To book your initial consultation, go HERE.

Want to find out more? Inquire about breakthrough session packages and one on one coaching for personal, family, health or business by emailing

Shirley offers one on one coaching packages for women that include weekly calls and accountability and she offers a 3 month one on one family coaching package for families who need complete turnarounds.

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