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There has been a lot of talk lately about the #ALSICEBUCKET Challenge…I guess a challenge is a good thing, because it gets people thinking about specific issues and it gets people to take action.

About 4 months ago, I thought of doing a unique challenge for women- the #LIVELIFEWITHFLAVOR Challenge. This idea emerged after I realized that just like food, life has a mix of “secret ingredients” that determine whether we will live it deliciously or not. (Note: I know that referring to life as delicious could be strange, but it’s a great word if you think about it. I love a verse in the Bible that says “Taste and See that God is good.” Heck, if we could taste God, then life could be delicious, right?)

So, for the next 30 days, I commit to sharing with you my “secret ingredients,” that allow me to live a life of flavor as a woman, with functions of a mother, wife, friend, entrepreneur, daughter, among others. I’ve studied the life of great women and men in history and they have common denominators that make all the difference in the outcome of their life- these are the essential things I want to share with you. 

Some of these things are things you may “already know.” BUT, lots of people know lots of things and they still don’t do them. Everybody knows we shouldn’t lie, yet people lie. Everybody knows road rage is bad, but people still yet at each other in cars. You get the point…

That is the reason why I think doing a challenge is a great idea. I want you to join me in mastering the basics of being a successful woman in EVERY function of her life. Accept the challenge. Live with Flavor.

Question: Let me know below if you accept the challenge and tell me which area of your life could use a little flavor?

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