Why Teaching Your Children About Business Teaches Them Character

When my oldest was 5 years old, I attended my first homeschool convention. In the list of workshops provided, I checked off a class titled “Children of Character” by Mardy Freeman. (See reference at the bottom)

Promptly before the scheduled time, I walked in to find a room full of other committed parents who were eager to learn the secrets of raising children of character. For one hour I sat taking notes and fully engaged in the topic, I thought about all the ways I could apply what I was learning.

That workshop was the beginning of many years of studying the topic of character in children. Since then, I’ve learned the exact ways a parent could easily and practically teach character to her children. From a character curriculum, to daily discussions of character traits, I’ve found that one of my main tools for accomplishing character in children is work or the idea of a small business at home.

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Through a small enterprise, a child will quickly learn about integrity, perseverance, diligence, responsibility and more. Whether it’s the parent’s business or a child’s own lemonade stand, a child can involve himself in the day to day affairs of developing a business, and the time invested will not only make him money, but it will also prove an investment in his character.

Through a small enterprise, a child will quickly learn about integrity, perseverance, diligence, responsibility and more.

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I wanted to share with you the top three reasons why teaching your children about business will help their character development. Here they are:

  1. Using work to teach character allows the child to learn about character in a practical way. I could teach my child about character from a lesson or curriculum, but that still may not prove that he/she will implement what I am teaching. Through work, the child can learn the real details behind learning to be patient or persistent when completing a job.
  2. Engaging a child in business allows his true character to be tested. As we teach our children the ins and outs of certain character traits, nothing creates an atmosphere to test character as work does. During the development of a small enterprise, a child will be tested in perseverance or responsibility or excellence or any other character trait. The child may want to give up or forget attention to details or be irresponsible in a deadline, but work will allow the opportunity to enforce these traits.
  3. Teaching a child about work and business at a young age encourages the further development of certain character traits. It is said that character is developed over time. What that means is that a child will need several opportunities or circumstances to further develop a certain character trait and what better way to do that than while working or growing his small enterprise.

My desire is you would take a semester or a small season of your life and encourage the entrepreneurial spirit in your child. The time invested in doing so will prove to provide better relationships among your family members, as well as ingrained character traits that will benefit your child for the rest of his/her life.

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