Why Teaching Your Children About Business is Good for their Financial Future

From watching my boys handle money at a very young age, I learned that encouraging a child to start a small business is the absolute best thing we could do for him/her. From budgeting, saving and spending, my boys became acquainted with money and developed a strong value for money.

Whereas they would have carelessly asked for toys or cash to buy things, they developed a strong commitment to KEEPING the money they made…because after all, they had to work for it.

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For instance, after they started making money from their marshmallow gun business, they began asking “how much is this?”

It was wonderful to see their face as they figured out that the popcorn at the theater was equivalent to 30 minutes or an hour of work- and they were only 8 years old!!!

Since then, our boys have had several businesses and I’ve continued to see them develop a healthy relationship with money. If they don’t have money, they don’t buy it. They don’t ask for the latest tech gadgets or name brand shoes- WHY? Because they value money and know what it costs their parents to make it. In fact, they have often bought their own clothes and paid for their own hobbies. It has been an absolute pleasure to see our children grow into men who have a clear understanding of the financial world. They know that if they want something, they can use their creativity and find ways to make money.

Encouraging a child to start a small business is the absolute best thing we could do for him/her. #kidsinbusiness

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