What’s YOUR Great Quote?

Every morning as part of my business routines, I find a special quote or an inspirational story for the day and then post it on Facebook on my Shirley Solis business page (Have you liked our Facebook page yet? You should…)

Finding a new quote is so much fun. I typically look for something inspirational in regards to being a woman, education, children or life overall. I have such a great time doing it!

Yesterday, someone commented on a quote by Corrie Ten Boom and said “Someday I want to come up with a great quote…” Immediately I realized she just had. There was something to this, aha!!

A quote is just a phrase that is meaningful, something that is shared from the heart and then passed on. What's your special quote?

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Sometimes we think that in order to have a great quote we must be dead or really famous. And that, just ISN’T true! Think about it, what is a quote? It’s just a phrase that is meaningful, something that is shared from the heart and then passed on.

Let’s take a look now at what makes a great quote, what happens when you find a quote inside of you and how to find that quote that you must share:

So what makes a great quote?

1) A great quote stands the test of time.

2) A great quote impacts the heart.

3) A great quote is quoted by many- shared.

4) A great quote has some truth to it, if not all truth.

What happens when  you find a quote inside of you?

1) You get a sense of value, of significance.

2) You get a sense of adventure.

3) You get a sense of contribution.

4) You get a feeling of the eternal.

Next, how do we find that quote inside of us?

1) Grab a piece of paper and a pen.

2) Write words you are passionate about.

3) Be still- at first you will remember quotes you have heard. Keep pressing on to find that great quote to share.

4) Write down what comes to mind and tweak.

Don't be shy! Inspire others with your quote!

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Lastly, since one of the characteristics of a great quote includes sharing it and passing it on, I am going to ask you to please share your quote in the comment box below. Don't be shy! Inspire others with your quote...if you have a story behind it, then let us know too!

I'll go first- Here is MY quote:

"All women are mothers... They each give birth to something or someone.

Life is within them."

Tag...now it is your turn to put a comment below!