What to Do When Your Child Doesn’t Like Chores!

In our house, there is always something to do…some work to be done.

With six children and many visitors, there is constant clean up or maintenance going on.
When I finally feel I’m done, the 4 yr. old drops the juice or the 6 yr. old spills the milk! (You know what I’m talking about)

All in all, I must say I have learned to enjoy work. There is a sense of satisfaction and achievement which accompanies it. However, I can’t say this is true for all my children…

The other day I was cleaning the kitchen cabinets. I was organizing food cans, dry food bags and vitamins. While I was focusing on my work, my 10 yr. old daughter came by and started a conversation which went like this:

She asked, “What are you doing?”
I answered, “I am working.”
She asked, “Do you like to work?”
I replied, “Yes, it is fun.”
She thought for a while and said,
“You will not believe me, but…I AM trying to think IT’S fun.”

I continued to look at my cans, trying not to laugh! She was being so honest!

With time and through a diligent “diet” of FUN WORK, our children can begin to embrace chores.

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To a very young child sometimes work could be fun, but as they get older and MORE CAPABLE, they figure out that all the jobs we put them to do or those which they will eventually have to do, are not necessarily fun.

In an effort to please me, she was trying to think work is fun, but just couldn’t see it…
I don’t blame her and neither should you.

Many parents worry too much about whether their children see work as fun. Don’t get me wrong, we should try to influence them and encourage them to enjoy work, but we must understand that initially work many not be fun for them.

With time and through a diligent “diet” of FUN WORK and a good example (set by us), they will begin to embrace all the chores and the delight that comes with not only working, but also seeing a finished project.

On my end, I am trying to give my daughter jobs in which I am involved with her. It is the conversation and laughter, while doing the chores, that makes a chore fun for her at the beginning. And with time, she’ll begin to relate chores=smiles.

I hope that in the future she won’t have to TRY SO HARD to think work is fun!! Hehe!!

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Question: How do your children react when they are given chores? What have you done to help them enjoy chores and work?

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