What to Do When He Doesn’t Want to Change

I’ve been married for 25 years and for a majority of the marriage I wanted to change Gus, because I thought all the problems we had were because of him. I thought that if I changed him or if he was a different person, I would be happier.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much energy I spent trying to change him and frankly… it made me and him miserable.

I made a video for you today to tell you what I did and how I was able to turn things around. Click below and watch this short and honest video.

It took a difficult situation in our marriage for me to realize that yes, while he could change, I was still responsible for things that happened as well.

If we are in a relationship and want the other person to change we need to consider a few things. While it might be a valid reason for wanting them to change, we need to be the type of women who, despite our situation and circumstances, can become the type of amazing and powerful women to lead and inspire those around us. We use our example and our vision to inspire others to make the change themselves.

As women, we are more powerful than you might think. I invite you to find your powerful and influential woman by joining me at the Live Life Experience, April 12th-14th so that you can become the person to leverage change in others.

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