What is Emotional Intelligence and Why It Matters to You and Your Family

The majority of my work is around emotions… In essence, the ESSENCE OF FAMILY DYNAMICS has to do with the emotions people feel and how each member of the family handles those emotions. If a mom is angry, she can choose to show anger or not. If a dad is frustrated, he can choose to show frustration to the youngest daughter or not. If a teenage son is bitter, he can choose to talk back or not. All these individuals have emotions and how they handle their emotions will gauge the level of success in their relationships.

While getting curious around emotions, I surveyed my friends on Facebook and asked, “How much emotion was shown in your house growing up?” To my surprise 98% of the answers expressed things like, “Plenty of drama; Huge emotions. Little effective communication; There was a lot of emotion, but mostly from me. I cried a lot. But my dad did not show much emotion, but when he did it was just anger; A lot of yelling!” And when I inquired as to how those emotions made them feel, one responded with “That people are angry all the time. That they don’t love me.”

Only 2% of those surveyed replied with positive comments, expressing how much they were loved. Honestly, I was glad for them and something inside of me felt a bit sad… How could it be that only 2% of the children are getting the right message? How could it be that as parents we have failed to transfer the greatest emotion we have for our children- the emotion of unconditional love?

Perhaps the answer is simply in that NOBODY TAUGHT US TO PROCESS EMOTIONS and nobody taught us to communicate based on those emotions.

The idealist in me asks, “what would happen if more parents stepped into boldness and courage and learned, as adults, what they didn’t learn when children? What would family life be like for you? How much better would your relationships be? How much more fulfilled would each member of your family feel? How much more hope for a better future would be present, knowing you HAVE the tools to finally make family life more certain and beautiful?”

I made a video to share about the science of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and why it matters to you and to your children. Emotional Intelligence is a “fancy” word, but don’t let it intimidate you. In fact, emotional intelligence is all about personal awareness and finally understanding the thoughts that have gone on in your head and the emotions of your heart. With a little guidance and mentoring, you will easily navigate the world of emotions.

Schedule a call with me, so we can explore how you can learn more about your emotions- the positive ones and the ones that are holding you back. If you are serious about your emotional, spiritual and physical health, I can give you options- so we can work together and you can live a new level of fulfillment and joy.