What Brian Tracy and Nick/Alexis Solis Have in Common

This weekend I was listening to an interview with Brian Tracy, author of multiple best sellers and thought leader in the world today.

One of the things he said about starting a business was that people often go into a business they don’t like- and that is a fatal mistake!

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This might seem like common sense, but apparently it’s not, because there are millions of people in businesses they dislike or hate!

So, what does this have to do with Alexis, Nick…AND YOU?

Well, when Nick (17) and Alexis (15) started selling on Ebay four years ago, they looked for products they liked and knew- things like pocket knives and collection swords. Because they knew the products and were personally excited about them, it made selling much easier!

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Nick and Alexis had one thing in their favor because of their young age… they didn’t have business prejudices; Hence, they were successful and as a result had fun and made money!

That is what happens when a child starts a business at a young age-

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Question: How would your child benefit from learning youngpreneur skills? How would this help their future?

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