Transform Your Parenting from the Inside Out

For the first thirteen years of my parenting (more or less), I learned all about what I needed to DO as a parent.

 In the last five years, I’ve learned about what I need to BE as a parent.

 I realized I could DO a lot of things, but if the INSIDE of my parenting heart wasn’t healthy, then I was going to push my children away…

Too many parents are focused on one or the other, but few parents are doing both…and you NEED TO DO BOTH to raise powerful and amazing kids. If we are doing all the right things, but the heart matters are missing, your children will turn away from you as soon as they can. If you are loving them the best you can, but you are missing the principles that help a child mature into strong and healthy adults, your children will also resent you for not taking the time to teach them what they needed to know.

In the area of DOING, you will find the principles of teaching your children, educating them, making them responsible citizens, compassionate human beings and loving souls. In the area of BEING, you will come across the MUCH NEEDED EMOTIONAL HEALTH that gives a person the ability to relate to God, themselves and others.

I want to encourage you to educate yourself in both of these areas and to understand the art of raising powerful and amazing children. Doing so will guarantee years of delight while raising your children and years of legacy as they grow up, marry and have children.

Because I want to share with you how you can have balance in parenting, over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be doing two parenting webinars:

1) One focuses on the DOING <Register Here>

2) and the other on the BEING of a successful parent. (Registration Link Coming Soon)

 Register for the first webinar here–>>

In this training, you will learn the 4 parenting principles you must live by in order to raise powerful and amazing kids. After this webinar, you’ll know how to help your children:

  • Be more obedient and responsible with their body and belongings

  • Experience an emotionally healthy life now and in the future

  • Make good choices even in the face of peer pressure

  • Develop into young adults who contribute to the family

  • Seek a personal relationship with God without you pushing or nagging them

  • Get along with you and the siblings– each member of the family will have a soul connection

I am excited about this NEW CONTENT I’ve prepared and I’m ready to share the exact principles that will take your family from surviving to thriving! Register now!

Shirley Solis is the creator of Building Character with Children and The Youngpreneur Program, as well as the author of Not Just Tacos. Along with her husband, Gus and their six children, she helps strengthen women and families. For your Free Parenting Mini-Course that teaches you practical ways to have a more peaceful home, put your name and email below: it is your turn to put a comment below!