The Right Strategy- 4 Questions You Can Ask Yourself to Get Your Desired Outcome

A few weeks ago I shared with you that I had not yet accomplished my goal of having six pack. One of the things I shared was that my strategy had not worked. Interestingly enough, several of you asked me to share more about what a STRATEGY is and how I use it to help me accomplish my goals with my family and in my business.

Everything we do in our life is based on strategies. Strategies are plans of actions- specific actions– that we follow when we are trying to accomplish an outcome. We have strategies for parenting, for marriage, for friendships, for cleaning, for cooking, basically… for everything we do.

When you leave your house to go to the grocery store, you take a specific route, because you developed the BEST strategy to get there safer, faster, happier or whatever. In business, we develop a strategy to make money, and to get customers. At home, we develop strategies to keep the house clean. And guess what? We have strategies for NOT KEEPING THE HOUSE CLEAN. In other words, you have specific plans of action for not getting things in order too.

Not all strategies work for everyone… In fact, not all strategies work for the same person all the time.

  Shirley Solis, Tweet This

Over the years, I found not all strategies work for everyone… In fact, not all strategies work for the same person all the time.

We may bake a cake in Miami and the recipe works perfect. Then we go to Colorado, try that same recipe and it may not work. Why? Because the altitude is higher or the oven heats at a different temperature.

With that said, I want to bring your attention to the specific strategies you are using and how they are or are not serving you in accomplishing your goals. Here are 4 key questions you can ask yourself so you can identify the right strategy and start moving in the right direction of your outcome:

1) What are you trying to accomplish? You have to very clear on what your outcome is. You might think you want the house to stay clean, but deep inside what you really want is peace and a sense of certainty. The strategy for a clean house is a different strategy from the one to create peace and certainty.

2) What strategy have you been using? Now, identify what specific actions you’ve used to achieve your goal. If possible, write them down and try to find the patterns. Perhaps you’ve been trying to exercise, and your strategy included going to the gym at 5 AM and using weights and doing cardio all on the same day to lose the most weight possible.

3) Why has this strategy worked or not worked? Use your special “magnifying” glass to break each section apart and find out why the strategy has worked or why it hasn’t.  In the exercise example, maybe the strategy hasn’t been working, so you’ll want to write down what has happened. When have you gone to the gym and when have you not? Maybe 5 AM seems like a great idea, but with young children you find yourself tired and at that time there may not be any accountability to support you and show you what to do. If there are things that have worked, make note of them and keep those. If there are things that haven’t worked, make note of that as well. Knowing what works and what doesn’t work will help you create a better strategy for next time.

4) How can you tweak the strategy to help you accomplish your goal? Last, make all the necessary changes so you can have a strategy that works and helps you accomplish your goals with your children, with your spouse, in your health and in your life overall. The exercise strategy might change to include an early morning routine AT HOME, without having to go anywhere and avoid the commuting time. Perhaps, you can even involve the children in daily walking routines or bicycle riding. These small tweaks can make a big difference when accomplishing goals with the family and in your life.

Can you see how the process of slowing down and identifying each step can really help us find what isn’t working? Next time you want to implement some change, remember to come back to the strategy you are using. Doing so will help you same valuable time and emotional energy.