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Are You Looking for a Transformational Speaker for Your Organization?

Shirley's main way of connecting with people is in person... basically, she's a S-U-P-E-R-S-T-A-R!

Her message is honest and transparent, yet bold and transformational. Shirley is available to speak at corporations, non-profits, churches and retreats teaching her 4 Pillar Blueprint™ to Creating a Powerful Family. This system will help not only CEOs, Team Leaders and the Core Crew of Organizations to create a "family flow" so everyone can get along, work as a team and live with purpose, passion and contribution.

Shirley's speaking career includes over 150 presentations to a variety of audience sizes and demographics. As a certified SCORRE Dynamic Communicator, Shirley delivers a clear message, so the audience will be able to not just understand the principles she teaches, but will also be able to implement them right away.

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What Others Are Saying...

"Just wanted to let you know how much our family is enjoying the cookbook - what a labor of love! I've made Pollo en Jocon at least five times already but the kids are still excited every time it shows up on their plate:) I even get to whoop out my Ecuadorian and Cuban music on the kids while they eat the yummies from those places. Family good food good music = awesome."

- Kelly Wagoner, Not Just Tacos Fan

"What a phenomenal author, mother and leader in her community. I am blessed to have met you, Shirley Davila Solis and I cannot wait to get home and put this cookbook to good use! PS: recipes are authentic, homey and simple... Wolfgang Puck, eat your heart out!"

- Mark Moffitt, John Maxwell Team Leader

“After just one coaching session, I felt an incredible amount of hope that things with my children would change… And after the second session, things WERE changing!”

- LeeAnn Parker, Mom of 4 and Entrepreneur

“Shirley’s insight was out of this world! It was like she was living with our family and knowing what I was thinking and feeling as a mom!”

- Jessie Peterson, Mom of 3

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU for being so transparent and open about your story!

- Rachael, Wife and Mother

Shirley  talks the talk and walks the walk- what you see is what you get! Honest, Transparent, Vulnerable, Passionate and Definitely Alive!

- Stew Suarez, Life Coach

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