#ILoveMyKids Parenting Series- The Proactive Parent and How to Become One

Hello fellow Moms and Dads! 

Parenting has the potential for the greatest delight and greatest fears…

When you first held your newborn baby, even though they didn’t recognize you, you felt a connection that tied your souls together.

Parenting has the potential to be the greatest delight and to hold the greatest fears! The delight of being knit together and the fear of doing something wrong...

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In the moment of my children’s birth, I personally knew I was not only knit with them, but they were knit with me, and that connection was something I would carry for the rest of my life… 

From this deep sense of responsibility grew a desire to educate myself to become a better parent.

For this reason, I’ve studied the parenting styles of individuals whose children grew into successful and responsible adults and the common denominator has always been the fact that these parents are PROACTIVE PARENTS. 

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Proactive parents are those who look into the future, void of fear, seeing only the potential and opportunities awaiting their children!

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Unlike reactive parenting, constantly trying to fix problems already occurring, Proactive Parenting is planning for situations (both good and bad) BEFORE they happen.

Proactive Parents are those who look into the future, void of fear, seeing only the potential and opportunities awaiting their children! These individuals know this alone will make the difference in the lives of their family. 

If you want to develop a long lasting and beautiful relationship with each of your children, then read along the 6 Ways to Make Sure You are a Proactive Parent:

1) Make a conscious decision you are going to be a Proactive Parent vs. a Reactive Parent. Choose to prepare for the struggles you know will face you and your children (as best as you can). Decide today that you will not wait for life to happen to your family. You will engage with your children. You will have a united family. You will succeed at parenting because you will do your part and God will do the rest.

2) Find and model parents who have successful and loving families. These parents are not very common unfortunately, but if you apply yourself you WILL find them. Let them know you would appreciate their mentorship and availability to help you raise powerful and amazing kids.

3) Stay humble and continue learning about parenting. I’ve often met parents who have “older” children and feel they already know everything. Proactive parents stay humble and continue learning through each stage of their child’s life. Whether it’s a book or a local seminar, these parents are life long learners of the parenting process.

4) Set goals for the future of your family. Proactive parents have “the end in mind.” They have a clear idea of the values and character traits they want their children to have and they move towards them. Failing to plan for the future could leave your family unguarded and exposed to family threats.

5) Learn from your mistakes. Proactive parents make a conscious effort to learn from their mistakes. We all make mistakes and in parenting we make LOTS OF THEM, but we must learn from each struggle and be willing to mend our ways. Whether it’s something we said, or something we did (or didn’t do), proactive parents move towards our children and not away from them.

6) Recognize that loving them is not enough. I know all parents love their kids, but that love is not always healthy. Sometimes unhealthy love leads to spoiling our kids or being too harsh. For this reason, proactive parents recognize that having the feeling of “love” is not enough. We must grow in emotional health and be proactive with our love in words AND actions.

Question: Have you committed to being a proactive parent today? Which of the tips mentioned really hits “home” for you? 

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