#ILoveMyKids Parenting Series – Do You Have a Plan for Your Family?

Over the last couple of sessions I had the opportunity to share with you some of the ingredients to the secret sauce of parenting. And so far, the recipe looks a little like this…

2 parts Proactive parenting – making choices that show your children they are valuable. Remember our actions are the loudest words we can use…

1 1/2 parts Respecting our children – they too want their voice heard. Let them know daily you love who they are and that you respect their decisions…

1 heaping tablespoon of Protecting our children – when they are young, they are not ready to protect themselves and their emotions are not ready to handle what some parents want to share with their kids. Make sure you are protecting their minds from content that is beyond their emotional capacity.

Mix it all together and add today’s ingredient…

Today’s ingredient to the Secret Sauce is Planning ahead and Vision Casting!

Youtube Video Link Do You Have a Plan for Your Family?

While it is super important to live in the moment with our children (taking the time to smell the roses) there is a time when we need to look ahead and ask ourself some hard questions, such as, What do I want to see for my family in 2 years or in 5 years?

People often set goals for their business, but most parents don’t EVER set goals for their family.

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In today’s society, people often set goals for their business, but most parents don’t apply the same principles for their family…

Yet, do you really get the chance to smell the roses with your kids, if the priorities aren’t straight? Or are you too busy fighting the waves of life?

More than anything, I don’t want your family to be a wavering ship stuck in the middle of the storm of life!

Take some time today, sit down with your spouse and start asking the hard questions:

      1. What do your what do your family to look like 6 months down the road? What about in 3 years?
      2. What character qualities do you want each child to carry into the world?
      3. What values do you want your family to portray?
      4. What things in your family do you need to steward better?
      5. What attitudes do you want your kids to have?
      6. Do you want to have a family business? If you do in the future, how can you start moving toward that now?
      7. What kind of qualities do you want your kids to look for in a spouse?

Healthy and Happy children don’t just happen... It's a lot of little decisions, over many years, that makes a powerful family!

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When we prioritize goals for our family, we make decisions that proactively move everyone toward the vision.

As you begin to Vision Cast for your family, remember, if you don’t know where you are going, how will you know when you get there?

Healthy and Happy children don’t just happen… It’s a lot of little decisions, over many years, that makes a powerful family!

Question: What is your vision for your family?