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After this COMPLIMENTARY Powerful Parenting Strategy Session ($297 Value), You Will:

  • Know the next 3 character traits you need to work on as a family to make sure your child doesn't grow up ENTITLED!
  • Find the root of your parenting struggle...and how to get rid of it!
  • Identify specific action steps to add more peace at home in the next 7 days!
  • Know Specifically How You Can Develop Better Communication Skills Between You and Your Children
  • Learn exactly what it takes to raise a leader
  • Find out how you can raise an emotionally healthy child (*most parents have no clue!)
  • Determine what needs to happen in the next 60 days, so you can go from a surviving/stable family to a THRIVING FAMILY!

This session is absolutely complimentary- there is no catch! BUT, this offer is NOT open to everyone... You must apply to speak with me to make sure you meet the level of commitment needed to raise a powerful and amazing child.

Why must you apply? As a speaker, author, business owner and most importantly a wife and a mother, my time is extremely valuable- as is yours- and we ask you to apply because our team honors and values our time and yours and we want to make sure we speak with committed and purpose driven parents only. 

Why does this session matter to you and why is it different from anything else? I am the only professional with my specific qualifications of: Certified Master NLP Coach, Therapist, Raising multiple aged children, homeschooling them all at once, understanding what it takes to raise a leader, instilling a leadership education, encouraging multi-cultural diversity,  raising physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy children. I have over 10 years of experience coaching parents and I am just the person to take your family to new heights. One conversation with me and you will be transformed. Period. 

You are welcome to apply for this complimentary session if:

  • You know your family has a purpose, but you are not on track for it
  • You have a burning desire to be the absolute best parent possible!!
  • You've read lots of books on parenting, but you are still stuck...
  • You are willing to do WHATEVER it takes to win your child's heart
  • You are fully committed to being a proactive parent and are tired of begging for help elsewhere
  • You want to raise physically, spiritually and emotionally healthy children
  • You want to bypass the huge parenting learning curve, because you recognize you don't get a second chance with your children

If you meet this criteria, I assure you we want to speak with you, so we can shed some light on your family! APPLY NOW