Great Music to Get You Up in the Morning

A regular alarm clock just does not get me up in the morning anymore! I need music that invades my soul and makes my body move (it’s the Latin in me!). It’s amazing how our mind can shut off the alarm clock and completely ignore it! The next thing you know… the kids are up…

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How to Choose Quality Audio for Children

I often hear from parents how “choosing quality audio books for children is so hard with all selections available today.” But, I know finding quality audios for children is not as hard as it seems when you have the right guidelines and know where to look. One of my sons is an auditory learner, hence it encouraged me to…

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How to Make a Family Routine

Have you ever wondered how to make effective and lasting changes in your family routine? A routine is a very useful tool to apply in any family; in fact, the larger your family, the more routine you need. I have not always been an expert in this area. In fact, I learned to master it…

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