Our Greatest Moment of Pain in Parenting

Gus and I didn’t start off with any tools to parent and quickly our “baggage” caught up with us. We made so many mistakes and then we had to clean up the broken pieces of our actions, because those mistakes made profound impact on our children.

The greatest moment of pain as parents came when we were faced with the truth that we had lost our son’s heart. We had caused him so much pain that he disconnected emotionally from us.

We didn’t know if we could get him back.

All the books we read just seemed like theory, with no real guidance and support to help us through it.

Another extremely painful moment was when I announced to all our children that Gus and I were getting a divorce. I still remember the pain in their eyes and I begged God that He would take back time and drag me to the Underworld.

The reality is family relationships are tough and to make them work it takes dedication, commitment and a WHOLE LOT OF COURAGE.

Family, marriage or parenting doesn’t come with a manual…

School doesn’t teach us how to make family work. College doesn’t teach us. And certainly, our parents didn’t teach us how to be good parents, because they were doing the best they could- and nobody taught them. But now, we find ourselves with children who grow up faster than the beanstalk in Jack’s story.

OUR CHILDREN are looking for:

>role models

>nurturing parents

> words of affirmation


>unconditional love

>healthy discipline and guidance

SPECIAL INVITATION: Gus and I are looking for parents with courage, who are willing to bring out their superhero powers to rise above our culture and rise above their past to create a NEW legacy.

You know who you are, because you feel the “tug,” the “calling,” the “invitation” to more in your family, marriage and parenting.

If this is you, right now, go to http://www.PowerfulParentingAcademy.com/training and choose the best time to watch our latest parenting training, where we share the simple manual that has helped us raise six responsible, confident and cooperative children. Here’s the thing… we’ll be super vulnerable and open about our struggles, so only register if you are okay with that.

Gus and I are looking forward to seeing you there! We believe in you and we believe in your family. You are the hope of our future. Stand in courage, Powerful Parent!

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