#ILoveMyKids Parenting Series- Stay One Step Ahead of the Parenting Trials

Do you ever wonder if the parenting style you are using is working…?

Do you have some anxiety over the future of your children and the choices they will make in life?

Is there some past parenting regret or guilt that is keeping you from “delighting” in your children?

In this day and age, none of us have the luxury to ignore how we are raising our kiddos.

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In this day and age, none of us have the luxury to ignore how we are raising our kiddos. In fact, I’ll be the first to admit that being a proactive parent is A PRIORITY IN MY LIFE. I take seriously the responsibility of not just raising “good kids,” but of raising POWERFUL AND AMAZING KIDS, who will impact this world for God!

Don’t you…???

That is why I want to invite you to a parenting workshop I will be doing. Read on…

I’m here to help you consistently succeed on being a proactive and loving parent, no matter what the challenges are!

I would be honored to be your trusted advisor and help you navigate the (sometimes tricky) waters of parenting and raising children.

If you can stay one step ahead of the parenting trials, you are sure to see blossoming relationships with your children so that because of your love, they will make the right choices in life.

So how do you stay one step ahead of the parenting trials?

You need to create a Family plan with the foundation of unconditional love, discipline and lots of laughter.

To help you put this strategy in action, next week I’m hosting TWO live workshops, “12 Tried and True Ways to Raise Powerful and Amazing Kids” and “The Most Powerful Parenting Tool, But the Least Used.”

Join me and I’ll walk you through what REALLY makes a difference in your walk as a parent 🙂

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These webinars are for YOU if you are serious about building an amazing relationship with your children and about creating a family so strong that nothing can pull you apart.

Join me!

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