Not Getting It All Done? Don’t Worry… Here’s Why!

Last week, I was feeling like I was not doing enough.

I looked around the house and it was a mess; I had not homeschooled for days; and I felt like a horse following the carrot stick.

As I thought of all I still needed to do for the holidays ahead, my energy level was immediately depleted and I wanted to crawl underneath my bed and come out January 5th.

Hey, it seemed like a great idea, right?

Theeeeennn, I spoke to one of the moms in Powerful Parenting Academy and she too was venting about all she had done the last week and what she still had to get done.

Holy Grinch of Christmas! This was an EPIDEMIC!

The holidays can be extra hectic days… Not only do we have a ton of things to do already, but now we have to add more cooking, family from out of town, more cleaning days, present shopping and seventeen children choir presentations!

Feeling as if we are not doing enough can definitely be a pressing issue- even more so during the holidays. That’s why after talking to my client, I had an “aha” moment and quickly got out of the funk of not doing enough. I said a few key words to myself and released myself from the “tyranny of the urgent.”

If you want to enjoy the holiday season and actually have fun in the process, here is your video of the week where I share the KEY WORDS that helped me and will help you too!

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