Mom, Your Vote Matters for Our Children and Our Environment

We are less than a week away from one of the most important elections in decades. And while the topics the presidential candidates have discussed have been vast, there has been little discussion about kid’s health and climate change.

Being a proactive mom means I have gone above and beyond my civic duty to properly educate myself about air pollution and how it is affecting the health of my family. Here in Florida, we have seen significant devastation in Everglades National Park, as we have lost thousands of acres due to increases in ground level ozone, disruptions to the food supply and rising temperatures. All of these changes will ultimately have an impact in the future my children and grandchildren are able to enjoy.


That is why in partnership with Clean Air Moms Action, advocacy partner of Moms Clean Air Force, I am encouraging you to become a part of the mobilized army of concerned parents across the country to keep toxic chemicals out of our homes and bodies, while stewarding solutions big and small.

Although at times we may feel we don’t have the time to get involved in politics, because of how busy we are with the children, it is our civic duty and personal responsibility to educate ourselves and go a step further into creating the future our children deserve. We need to demand answers from our government officials and let them know our vote counts!



There are 3 direct actions I encourage you to take, so you can help us protect our children:

  1. Visit the Clean Air Moms Action website and social media pages (Instagram, Twitter, Facebook) to pledge your support for mindful management of our environment, for our children’s sake.

    Sometimes being a good mom means being a good citizen.

    Gretchen Dahlkemper, Director of Clean Air Moms Action
  2. Push the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and state governments to cut carbon and methane emissions, promote cleaner energy sources, and crack down on specific businesses that recklessly pollute our air, water and soil.
  3. Exercise your right to vote Tuesday, November 8th and support candidates who have clear stands on matters regarding our children’s health and the good stewardship of our environment and natural resources.

You are not too late to still become an active participant in our democratic election process. There are a significant amount of reliable websites, which can educate you on the issues and on the candidates that support what we believe is true and just to our environment and our children.