Looking for Powerful Parents!

Moms and Dads, we are so excited about this announcement!

(minute 3:08 Gus’s vision, 4:09 us being vulnerable, 4:25 my struggle for years, 5:19 where are all the dads story, 5:40 what’s missing in society today, 6:04 what our older son’s girlfriends think, 6:21 what we are looking for, 6:57 the problem with my business coaching clients, 7:15 childhood imprints).

We have the “manual” to support you in becoming a Powerful Parent, so you can raise responsible, confident and connected children. If you are committed to your children’s future and want to be a part of our beta superhero group, click here to schedule a time for us to talk. We were looking for 10 families, but 6 spots filled in the last 3 days… just on this Facebook post, so CLICK HERE and schedule the best time  to connect with us. 

We are committed to speaking with both parents and enrolling them both into the vision of raising powerful children (great for parents who are not on the same page or who are divorced/separated, great for parents with little time, homeschool parents, military parents, special needs parents, single parents). If possible, both parents must be on the call together.

If you have questions, email me at ShirleyatShirleySolisdotcom

Here is another recent Facebook post from a previous client and her feedback on the course (the new course is EVEN BETTER!)

CLICK HERE and schedule the best time to connect with us.

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