Live Life with Flavor Challenge Day 8 – Creating an Atmosphere for Intimacy

Welcome to Day 8 of the Live Life with Flavor Challenge and Wild Marriage Wednesday!

Today, I wanted to share something I wish someone had told Gus and I years ago.

Part of becoming one with your spouse starts with taking the time to prepare an atmosphere that creates intimacy...

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Part of becoming one with your spouse starts with taking the time to prepare an atmosphere that creates intimacy. Believe me Ladies,  this is a tiny tip that has made a HUGE difference in my marriage!

When you are a newly married couple without children, it’s easy to create an atmosphere throughout the entire house that inspires intimacy in the marriage. However when the pitter patter of little feet begin to fill the house, many of the rooms no longer belong to just you and your spouse.

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Quickly, every nook and cranny of the home becomes part of the “family area.” For this reason, it’s important while you go through parenthood, you keep your bedroom a sanctuary for just you and your spouse.

For the first several years of marriage, we treated our bedroom like another “family” room. Before I knew it, the children would go in and out as they pleased, laundry (clean, and sometimes dirty) got left lying around, and work trickled in from every corner.

In consequence, the room itself didn’t represent or inspire intimacy, which in turn did take a toll on our marriage. Luckily, I realized we needed a safe haven for Gus and I! A room, where we could become one in a private and personal setting for just the two of us.

Create an atmosphere in your home where you could rest with your spouse and build intimacy.

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So, we began to redecorate the bedroom. Inspired by photos of beautiful bed & breakfasts, we painted the walls, placed quotes about unity and love on the walls and made a sitting area. Together we created an atmosphere where we could rest together or individually.

In addition, we made a promise to each other that we would protect our intimacy by not bringing clutter into our room, which included work, laundry, children’s toys or anything else that could disturb the peaceful environment.

By the time we finished, everything about the room said, “this is ours!” Now, when we enter our bedroom, we both feel a sense of relief. As a result, this sensation of peace and harmony trickled into every area of our life and strengthen our marriage.

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Question: What does your bedroom need to become a room of rest and relaxation? If it already is, what did you and your spouse do to protect that unity? 

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