Live Life! Yay or Nay?

Are you still on the fence about attending Live Life- Experience the Freedom of Being a Woman…

Here are some audios/videos that will help you decide if Live Life is for you:

****Radio Interview with Life FM- This will for sure change your life!


****Audios- SEE BELOW (Raise volume up in each video)


  1. Being a Woman Sucks vs Being a Man Sucks

  2. Women are Tired

  3. Judgment in Women

  4. Negative Events that Trigger Us and What to Do About Them

  5. Why Women Hide

  6. People Are Paralyzed By Fear

  7. The Hardest Thing for Women to Do

  8. Even Powerful Women are Trapped

  9. Personal Development World is Broken

  10. Maid, Peasant or Princess? Which One Are You?

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