Live Life with Flavor Experience- You Are Invited!

Hey… this message is for YOU!

The romance of a woman’s life starts in the heart of other women. It is in a place of feminine intimacy that we gather to become vulnerable and to finally open up the bud of beauty and creativity.

Imagine a safe place where your hidden feminine side can blossom to become the magnificent woman you were created to be…


I created this “safe” and growing space through a 10 week program for 12 of my personal friends a couple of years ago.

It was the most miraculous and magical time these women had ever experienced in their personal life!

In essence, this program is the compilation of my life’s learnings into a progressive and free flowing weekend to heal you, stretch you and give you life!

Here are some of their comments:

“I just knew in my heart that this program was going to bring a lot of good changes in my life and in my family. I wasn’t sad or depressed, but it was as if I were sitting down waiting for something to happen in my life to give it a little push. Maybe a comfort zone.”

Are you in a comfort zone?

“When I started the program I was so excited to be able to meet such wonderful women and be able to spend time together eating, learning, sharing, dancing, laughing, crying, having a great time.”

Are you ready for new friends?

“One of the many things I love about Shirley is her outgoing and inspiring personality and the way she makes everybody lift up with that energy and the same with her easygoing and exciting teaching style.”

Are you ready to be inspired and uplifted?

“10 weeks later my spiritual life has been enriched with new concepts on how to view God’s love, techniques to help me deal with life’s hurts from the past and the future and to see myself in God’s eyes.”

Are you ready to be enriched spiritually and to heal your past?

“I totally love the way she expresses herself, and God’s discernment through her in knowing the needs of the people.”

Are you ready to have your needs met?

“Powerful Healing for Your Soul, Body, and Mind.”

Are you ready to become powerful?

Since that time, it’s been my dream to create a 3 day experience to immerse other women in that same program.

I will be hosting a one of a kind Live Life with Flavor Weekend in my home… and you are invited! Of course, you understand space only allows for 10 women max, so I’m guessing in God’s perfection, he will “move” those 10 women to take action first and once we are full… well, then we are full.

WHEN: April 22-24th, 2016
WHERE: Solis Manor- Redlands, Florida
PRICE: $497 all inclusive (training, food and lodging are covered).

Your journey starts today with a small deposit, then you make small installments until April.

Register for the Live Life with Flavor Experience!

This weekend is called an “experience,” because I will indulge your six senses in the best of what God has to offer us- flavor, color, touch, smell, music and intuition!

After this weekend, you will be a more powerful and passionate woman, and it will carry over into all areas of your life! I PROMISE.

If you have any questions, please reply back and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

So, if you are ready to STEP INTO A NEW REALM of growth and transformation this year, click here and get started now.

For the Live Life with Flavor Challenge Click Here.

I’m looking forward to helping you Live Life with Flavor!

Shirley Solis
Family Catalyst

P.S. **I also have 2 spots for a Breakthrough Day BEFORE the retreat for women who need DEEP work and know you have to release trauma from the past and need intensive breakthrough. This is optional and on a first come, first serve basis. Please email me for details… : )