Live Life with Flavor Challenge Day 20 – How Big is Your Dream?

Today is Fabulous Business Friday and Day 20 of the Live Live with Flavor Challenge!

I want to thank you all for being part of this challenge! Today is the very last day! It has been such a pleasure inviting you into my life and a privilege to share with you throughout this process!

In order to finish this with a bang, I want to ask you something I ask all of the ladies I counsel while setting up their business:

Where do you want to be?

What do you want to accomplish?

Most of the time, the answer I get has something to do with reaching a certain amount of money… I have been there!

Up until two years ago, I would have said the same thing! Even though I had some “Big” dreams at the time, my goals were set in financial gain, which held me back from my full potential.

So I am going to ask the second part to my question today:

What more could you do?

How many more people could you reach?

What more could you accomplish?

How many more people could you help?

…If Money and Time were not an issue!

Youtube Video Link How Big is Your Dream?

It is time to dream bigger, think greater goals and accomplish more than you ever expected.

As I mentioned before, for years I had misunderstood my own goals, until one event challenged me to think outside the box, unrestricted by limitations.

I want you to do the same! Today, make the commitment to begin the process of believing! You may have great dreams, like I did, but it’s time to expand those!

When you find that new passion for life and for business, it will kindle a new flame in your heart that will burn like the purest fuel, sustaining you daily and through the difficult seasons!

You are the other piece of the puzzle someone has urgently been searching for!

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I encourage you to take some time for yourself today and answer the questions above with the knowledge that there are NO LIMITATIONS!

Don’t be afraid to dream BIG! You can absolutely do what is on your heart! I know so many people are waiting for you to help them, because you are the other piece of the puzzle they have been urgently searching for!

Question: What is the biggest dream you could muster up? it is your turn to put a comment below!