Live Life with Flavor Challenge Day 19 – Inspire Your Family to Health

Welcome to Day 19 of the Live Life with Flavor Challenge! Today is Tone Body Thursday!

About 15 years ago, I took a real step toward becoming healthy, not just in mind, but in body!

Instantly, I gravitated toward weight training and nutrition. Suddenly, I couldn’t get enough on the subject! The more applied, the more passionately I pursued a health-filled lifestyle.

My example, alone, inspires the people I love! Actions do speak louder than words...

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Before I knew it, health became my obsession and my family titled me, not so endearingly, “The Food Nazi”…

Hurt and confused, I couldn’t understand why it was wrong to ask my husband and older boys about their water intake, their food choices, or their exercise regiment… (deep sigh!)

Ok… So, it may have been a tad much!

But, deep down, all I really wanted was to inspire them to care as much about their body as I did… Yet, the more I tried, the less it worked!

In a fit of despair, I attempted a new approach with them…I stopped bugging them!

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I took the same effort I had applied toward their health and put it to my own… And while I didn’t start substituting broccoli for pizza, I did integrate “not so healthy” foods into the family diet once a week.

Then, something happened… The more excited I became about my own health and the better the results were in my own life, the more my family felt inspired to apply it themselves.

As you feel healthy inside and you wake up happy, it inspires others to pursue health for themselves!

Shirley Solis, Tweet This

Lightbulb! My example, alone, inspires the people I love! It’s so simple, yet quickly forgotten… Actions do speak louder than words!

None of my loved ones needed or wanted a fitness coach! They just needed someone to set a good example in order to choose their own path.

Today the entire family works out, each person makes “good” food choices for themselves; and best of all, I never have to nag them!

To Live Life with Flavor remember, as you feel healthy inside and you wake up happy, it inspires others to pursue health for themselves!

Questions: How can you be an example of health and happiness in your family? What healthy choices have you begun to integrate into your lifestyle?