Live Life With Flavor Challenge Day 12 – Trust Your Children

Today is Day 12 of the Live Life with Flavor Challenge and Timely Parenting Tuesday!

When I was a little girl, at the age of five, my grandmother began to teach me how to use the sewing machine. Diligently, she instructed me how to place my hands away from the needle’s path.

To this day, I remember the feeling of overwhelming joy that filled my heart as I helped repair clothing. There was a sense of pride that flowed from the trust I had been given.

By raising our children to do greater things, we teach them they are here to serve others, rather than be served...

Shirley Solis, Tweet This

As I look at our culture, I see how it has progressed in many ways, but I also realize there are other areas in which it has sadly regressed…

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Across the world, children are entrusted by their societies to carry responsibility at a much younger age than we see here.

In some cases, that responsibility is more than I would agree with. However, our culture has, almost entirely, shied away from giving our children the trust and responsibility they deserve, which creates entitlement.

If you look at our history, the age of maturity when children were asked and allowed to become a contributing member of the family was much younger than what we may expect.

Today, I encourage you to trust your children with a responsibility you may not feel they are prepared for. Of course, don’t give them too much responsibility that they become overwhelmed… We never want to set our children up for failure.

Instead, introduce your children to one area of responsibility, explaining you are confident that they will manage it well. If you do this, I know they will not only live up to your expectation, but exceed it!

Mentor your children through maturity by allowing them to make mistakes when you are around!

Shirley Solis, Tweet This

By raising our children to do greater things, we teach them they are here to serve others, rather than be served.

Yes, it’s a risk! And mistakes can and will be made!

But, I for one, would rather my children make mistakes while I am around. Only by mentoring them through maturity, am I teaching them I trust them and that they can trust themselves!

Ladies, let us Live Life with Flavor and raise mature children who contribute to their family and to society!

Question: What has your child been asking to learn that you could delegate to him/her? it is your turn to put a comment below!