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You Need More From Life and Now is the Perfect Time to Get It!

October 11, 12 & 13, 2019     /    Miami, Fl     /     3 Days


October 11-13, 2019    /    Miami, Fl

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Are there times when the demands of life weigh heavy upon you? Is it almost as if everyone depended on you and you give and give, but have no time left for you?

Do you feel your youth slipping away in a sea of chores and compromises,
only to be left depleted and tired?

Is your love life hanging by a thread or lacking passion?

Are you anchored to your past, fooling everyone around you,
while deep inside you know there is more to you?

Do you have untapped potential that needs to be drawn out to create the future you deserve?

Then, THIS is the event for you!

Live Life The Experience is the #1 Personal Development Event for Women!

Live Life The Experience is the most advanced and transformational event that has ever been created for women. It uses advanced neurological techniques and exercises, submerging your mind and your senses to help you discover what it means to be powerfully feminine! When you attend Live Life, you'll learn all the tools you need to live your life as a powerful, free and influential woman, so you can impact your career, business, family and community- GUARANTEED!


Women are hustling to bring about change. We hustle in the corporate world to bring about equality. We hustle in our business to make a dime and a difference. We hustle in our family to make sure the kids grow up happy. We hustle in marriage to make things work. And...

I’ll be brutally honest… even with all the great advancements women have had, we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of our unique and beautiful power.

Our strategies have advanced our gender issues, but at a great cost to our femininity, body and soul. We have told men we are equal and in the process we have lost the uniqueness and power of what it means to be a woman. 

It’s time we unite, shift our strategy and create the greatest awakening this world has ever seen, positioning ourselves as queens, so THEN we can lift our family, business and community with us!

Visionary women who believe there is more and want to experience a healthy, fulfilled and thriving life!

This is a MUST attend if you're... a community leader, entrepreneur, business owner, mover and shaker, and anyone whose cause is to build up their family, relationships, business and community, so you can thrive with a physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy life.


  • Created to Satisfy the Heart of a Woman

    You’ll finally feel understood and empowered to make changes in a way that honors your femininity!

  • Engage All the Senses and Feel Again

    You’ll feel alive again- as if you’ve had an infusion of the best energy drink in the world- that’s here to stay!

  • Find Your Inner Power

    You’ll tap into your inner super powers, so you can gain the momentum you need to conquer your world like a queen!

  • Learn to Radically Accept Yourself

    You’ll connect with your most nurturing and vulnerable self, so you can love and accept yourself in an unconditional way!

  • Free Yourself from Control

    You’ll free yourself from unhealthy over-responsibility and the syndrome of “being everyone’s mama”!

  • Free Your Mind

    You’ll free your mind from negative self-talk and destructive patterns of insecurity, doubt and fear!

  • Create and Sustain Healthy Boundaries

    You’ll learn to create healthy boundaries in all areas of your life, so you can find your unique voice as a powerful and feminine woman.

  • Powerfully Manage Your Emotions

    You’ll learn how to use your emotions as your ally- even “negative” emotions such as fear and anxiety, so you can create power and strength to take your life back!


Attending this event could easily cost over $2,000. In fact, events that don't deliver the same transformational power and lasting impact that this event does are priced at over $2,500, and NONE of these events are created specifically for women.

But, we believe in the power of women and know it is our mission to empower as many women, as fast as possible, so the movement of women Living Life will transform the planet. That's why we have created this event for a fraction of the cost just for this event, SO EVERY WOMAN WHO WANTS TO ATTEND THIS EVENT, WILL GIVE HERSELF A CHANCE AND DO IT NOW!

So hear me out... You owe it to yourself to invest in your future.

Hey, you and I know money is always available for the things we value and for the things we think are important. But, of course, you may not think you are important enough to invest in yourself and BUY YOUR EVENT TICKET... and that's why this is your defining moment to move all excuses aside and put yourself first once and for all!

Who are you kidding?
If you don't register now, you'll regret it and there won't be another chance like this one. So...

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August 12th - September 8th:

One Ticket:  $397, $597, or $797
Two Tickets: $497, $697, or $897

September 9th Onward:

All tickets regular price


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Shirley is the #1 Female Peak Performance Coach in the World and Proud Mom of 6, who created this event after she searched for answers in the personal development world and found that traditional methods of coaching and therapy were not made with women in mind.

The significant and life altering event of her husband's infidelity, after 16 years of marriage, shook her to her core and she was forced to work through the pain of a destroyed feminine identity caused by childhood abuse, abandonment, suicide attempts, and a shattered relationship with men.

Shirley developed strategies and tools that empowered her and other women to become their most powerful, beautiful and influential self. She has worked with thousands of women, men and families with incredible success rates, so much that she is called the "Miracle Woman."


Shayna Lee Rogg

Shayna Lee is an celebrity international bellydance artist with over 13 years of experience. She is also the owner of Hipnotic Dance Studio, where she teaches many aspects of performing arts and movement. Her skills have gotten her worldwide recognition, including performances at famously recognized events and music videos. Shayna brings her personal flare and passion to the Live Life event, so you can experience the freedom of being a woman through movement!


Kristal Wise

Kristal Wise, "The Black Goddess" is a 12 year Army Veteran and mom of 2 amazing children. Entrepreneurship and personal development drive her to inspire and serve her family and community at a higher level.  Her blood carries Caribbean rhythms and moves that will get you moving and celebrating in a way you never have before. Kristal brings her feathers, beads and grand smile to open the event carnival style!


DJ Sauli Harper

DJ Sauli has music running through her blood and her energy comes from rhythm and beats. A mom of 4, Sauli is the most successful female DJ in Barranquilla, Colombia and although everything was against her dreams, she pursued her passion for music until she became one of the best Colombia has seen. DJ Sauli comes to Live Life to make sure every song ignites your soul with life and flow, so you can dance even when everyone is watching.

Frances Crespo

Frances Crespo is a 25 year Navy Veteran and CEO of The Full Cup in Virginia Beach, a high-end full service European-style bra fitting salon. Her achievements and leadership skills granted her the opportunity to serve as a special assistant to one of the Navy’s top 3-Star female admiral. She had the privilege of serving 10 years as support personnel for Navy special forces component. Her passions include social entrepreneurship and support to women veterans. Frances comes ready to spice up the room and show us how we can “feel beautiful underneath.”

Sensei Cyndi Rogg

Sensei Cyndi Rogg is a 6th degree black belt in Shendo GoJu Karate, with over 30 years of experience in martial arts. As CEO of National Karate Academy, Sensei Rogg specializes in teaching Women Self Defense workshops. Cyndi joins us at Live Life to demonstrate the skills needed to become powerfully confident in any threatening scenario. After all, it's like Nicole Sundine says, "Feeling confident in your ability to protect yourself empowers you to live with less fear and more freedom."

Nathalia Cora

Nathalia Cora, "The Queen" is a Zumba superstar with a background in TV Production and Media Relations. A passionate mom to Noah, Nathalia has made a career out of inspiring women to dance to the rhythms of Zumba and exercise to the strength of crossfit as a way to transformation. Nathalia comes to Live Life to bring out a level of flavor and passion for life you didn't even know you had!


Attending the Live Life event marked a turning point in my life. The event provided the catalyst I needed to take responsibility for my story, and allow for the healing necessary to live my best life. 

Rebecca Roberts, LMHC
Rebecca Roberts, LMHC

The Live Life The Experience was an out of the ordinary life changing and inspiring few days that brought out thoughts and actions that were unexpected and healing. 

Susan Homyk
Susan Homyk

This event started a breakthrough in my life! I changed how I saw myself! It challenged me to grow!

Lucy Guerra, Founder- Color Confident
Lucy Guerra, Founder- Color Confident

The best three days of the year in 2018 for me!

Roxana Zerpa
Roxana Zerpa

Live Life was an EXPERIENCE that I didn’t even know my soul needed. This is a gift I don’t want any of my friends to miss next time!

Karisa Rivera, Founder- Mujer Radiante
Karisa Rivera, Founder- Mujer Radiante


Attending Live Life was a life changing experience. Shirley's exercises helped me acknowledge and breakthrough my limited beliefs created from past experiences.

Bonnie Whitaker- CEO, The Wayfarer Group
Bonnie Whitaker- CEO, The Wayfarer Group

Live Life The Experience was the beginning of my life transformation! This event is not to be missed!!!

Franchesca Carrasquillo
Franchesca Carrasquillo

Live Life 2018 was the beginning of an amazing journey!

Yasnay Montalvo, Program Mngr- Branches
Yasnay Montalvo, Program Mngr- Branches

Live Life event was an incredible and transformational experience for me. It helped me realize my worth as a woman and so much more!

Ashley Martin
Ashley Martin

It wasn't just the visceral awakening power of the event. This went beyond encountering our concealed emotions. You walked out equipped with a supply of valuable tools that you cannot only employ in those troublesome and heart-rendering realities in our lives, but help you find the root cause as well.

Illiana Jimenez
Illiana Jimenez


DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Miami Airport & Convention Center

711 NW 72nd Ave, Miami, FL 33126- Royal Poinciana Ballroom

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Agenda At A Glance

Day 1: The Invitation

  8:00    —     9:00am         Registration
  9:00    —    12:00pm        Let’s Get Started!
  12:00  —    1:00pm           Lunch and Conversations
  1:00    —    5:00pm          Main Session

Day 2: The Surrender

 9:00    —  12:00pm         Main Session
12:00  —  1:00pm           Lunch and Conversations
 1:00    —  5:00pm           Main Session

Day 3: The Freedom

 9:00    —  12:00pm           Main Session
12:00  —  1:30pm             Lunch and Conversations
 1:30    —  5:00pm             Main Session




For General Inquiries and Group Rates: or Call (740) 621-4852