Let’s Talk About Suicide

Suicide is a sensitive subject and one that many have struggled with over the years. The thought of wanting to take one’s own life is more common than we would ever dare to admit. Suicide is just one of those thoughts lurking inside the mind of those who at one point decided their life has no value or meaning. In many ways, it’s the easiest and fastest way to escape pain and escape the reality of what cannot avoid in this world.

I, too, have struggled with suicide and in today’s video, I go in depth into the topic of suicide, how it affected me, and I talk about my special event to help you move past those thoughts and on to healthier, happier solutions.



If you have ever struggled with thoughts of self-doubt, depression or suicide, this is the event for you.  If you are ready to embrace who you are and join our fantastic tribe of empowered women, then you need to register for the Live Life Experience, April 12-14, 2019.

This event will transform your life and will allow you to experience the freedom of being a woman!