Join Me for the #ILoveMyKids Parenting Video Series!

A few weeks ago, a bunch of our friends sat around our dining table and discussed parenting “do’s and don’ts.”

We realized none of us had been perfect (obviously), but there were some things we definitely agreed made a difference when raising a powerful and amazing family. I want to share with you what we found!

Over the next couple of weeks, I am going to be creating some fun and instructional videos that hold ONE PARENTING NUGGET OF GOLD a day. If you are serious about raising a beautiful family that loves each other and is comprised of responsible and well to do adults, then please make sure to stay plugged in!

Youtube Video Link #ILoveMyKids Parenting Video Series

And to make this fun (’cause I love fun and your kids do too!), I decided to run a fun contest.

I’ve noticed that when I post pictures of Gus and I or of our family, we get the most “likes.” It must be because deep in our heart, we are still greatly inspired by FAMILY and what it represents! 

People are still greatly inspired by FAMILY! Join the #ILoveMyKids Video Series to be inspired and encouraged!

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SO, I would love it if YOU inspire me and others with your funnest and most loving picture of YOUR family. If you believe in family, go to my FB page and post a picture that represents your love for your kids and your family. I can’t wait to see all the love that will flow through FAMILY!! 

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