Is Your Child’s Education Preventing His/Her Success?

After the parent’s influence, personal education is probably the next biggest influencer in a person’s life. The degree and level of education a person has dictates the level of success he or she achieves. In fact, the less education a person receives, the less money, social skills, influence and overall success the person accomplishes.

In the United States we are very fortunate because 98% of children are educated. In other words, 98% of children receive an academic education that entitles them to learn to read, write and learn math. But there is a very interesting fact and it is that children are being “educated,” but they are not always learning to think. Sadly, our society has created an educational system that moves “masses” through a K-5 to 12th grade model and on, but the model is undeniably broken and is keeping children from becoming critical thinkers.

In this broken system, children learn information at early ages, but they are not given the free time to process and engage with that information. They are taught “rules of un-engagement” in everything they do and to disconnect from education after they leave school in the afternoon. Grades are the only measure of success and sometimes an entire 4 months are spent on how to take a standardized test that will measure a child’s “ability” in contrast to the entire nation. Without consideration for discovery and creativity, children are given homework even on weekends and summer. On and on I could regurgitate the ingredients of this broken system of education, in which unfortunately many teachers no longer have a true desire to transform and impact lives, but are more pre-occupied with getting great benefits and a “good” retirement.

Our model of education is undeniably broken and is keeping our children from becoming critical thinkers.

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But make no mistake, even in the homeschool community there are still some parents who have missed the important truths about breaking old paradigms and re-establishing new and working patterns of education. These parents have continued to run a broken system in their home and have forsaken the opportunity to raise real leaders.

I know the above descriptions are not true for the entire system. There are still great schools and individuals in this system who understand the real impact they could make and many of them are living with the overwhelming frustration of interacting with a broken system daily without knowing how to make a significant difference.

I had the privilege of finding out about a non-traditional method of education when my son was 3 years old. At the time, I never even considered the idea of homeschooling, but as soon as I found out the benefits, it became a viable option for our family. Nearly 18 years later, I’ve homeschooled six children and had a second chance to the education I never received. As you can probably see, I’ve become quite passionate about the topic of education, because I am truly interested in making sure children receive the education they deserve.

HOME EDUCATION- the ability of parents to take control of their child’s education, no matter what method they choose and with the clear understanding that education starts at home.

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Because I know not all parents choose to homeschool and I know that not all homeschool parents have established new paradigms of education, I have since become an advocate of HOME EDUCATION- the ability of parents to take control of their child’s education, no matter what method (homeschooling, private or public education) they choose and with the clear understanding that education starts at home. Personally, I am most in favor of homeschooling; however, I have personally met parents who have done a great job with their children by being involved in their child’s traditional education in a public or private school setting.

In order to encourage and educate parents to take control of their children’s education, I’ve written The Home Education Manifesto- the Freedom Article Every Parent Must Read to Raise a Real Leader.


The Manifesto is a compilation of years of self-education, home education and parenting six children. In the words written in the Home Education Manifesto, you will find the incredible truths and treasures that will make home educating not just an important decision in your life and your children’s lives, but a transformational experience so you can raise leaders and agents of change.

Please make no mistake. If you have children, you are home educating. Even if you have decided to delegate the formal academic education to the public or private school system, your children’s education is still your responsibility and that is why it’s incredibly crucial that you not just download, BUT READ the Manifesto and begin to shift your mindset to reflect a freedom lifestyle for you and your family.

The pillars discussed in the Manifesto will provide a clear path for your family to magnificently interact with each other and the world in a positive way. Although much of what I teach in the Manifesto is written for homeschool parents, ALL PARENTS could greatly benefit from reading and processing the deep rooted truths that are clearly expressed in this important document.

In the book, The Butterfly Effect, the author illustrates how one decision greatly impacts an entire outcome of effects. I want to continue to create such effects in the world and I am asking you to help me. Please accept my gift of a FREE DOWNLOAD of The Home Education Manifesto AND share this link on all your social media pages. Let other parents know about this important report and allow them to arrive at their own conclusion. I must provide a warning however…Downloading this report might make your children smarter, more engaged, self-learners and leaders! it is your turn to put a comment below!