Interview with Mary and Chase Bailey from Chase ‘N Yur Face #BeatingAutism

I have the pleasure of introducing you to Mary and Chase Bailey from, a video blog that catalogs Chase’s favorite recipes. A mother and son tag team, this delightful family lives with purpose and serves to inspire many around the world with their amazing story!

Embrace who you are and use those gifts in your favor!

Mary Bailey, Tweet This

At only 13 years old, Chase is already pursuing the dream of having his own TV show and of becoming a Chef. Chase’s personal passion for food started when he was only 8 years old, and taking advantage of his unique interest, Mary used food as an opportunity to create a “life curriculum” for Chase, who had been diagnosed with Autism when he was only 2 years old.

In this interview you’ll  have the opportunity to be inspired, touched, encouraged and motivated to pursue your own dream! Through their story, Mary and Chase remind us “not to put limits on ourselves,” rather they encourage us to embrace who we are and use those gifts in our favor!

Happy Watching!

Youtube Link to Watch Interview with Mary and Chase Bailey from Chase ‘N Yur Face

Question: How did this video encourage you and how do you plan to apply what you learned in your life? I’m looking forward to your answers ; )