How to Win and Keep the Heart of Your Teenager

My oldest son always says he was our “guinea pig.”

When we was born I was only 19 years old and had no experience at all in parenting. I could barely even take care of myself, let alone a child! Gus was also inexperienced and he had no clue how to be a proactive dad.

“Bigguy,” as we call him, is the one that received the most attention (and that made him entitled) and he received the most yelling and nagging (which wounded his heart in unimaginable ways).

At the age of 14, Gus and I realized we had lost his heart, because our marriage was falling apart and we had both disappointed him. Our own pain caused us to turn our backs on him and we had dug a hole we did not know how to rescue him from. In a nutshell, he was angry and hated being at home. He was borderline depressed and had grown bitter to the point of hating us…

Gus still remembers how hard it was to win his heart back…

Simple apologies and heartfelt “I’m sorry” conversations were not enough to chip at the hard rock shield that had formed around our son’s heart. Pain received from too many years of my anger and his father’s emotional absence finally calcified when Gus Sr. and I said we were separating. It took Gus Sr. two years to break through that shield and find the hurt boy inside, so Gus jr. could finally begin his process of healing.

Winning and keeping the heart of our children is a tough challenge for parents today. With the baggage we bring to parenting, social media and millennial attitudes, parents have to be more proactive about winning the heart of our children. Gustavo Solis Sr., Gus Solis and I would love for you to join us in a live workshop tomorrow as we share how we lost and won the heart of our oldest son.


Today Gus Jr is 22 and he has become an amazing young man. We enjoy a close and open relationship with him. His early pain inspired him to become a coach and he has now partnered with Gus and I to help families become strong and healthy. Gus Jr uses his experiences to help other young men and women to forgive and live with harmony with their parents, so they can live successful and happy lives.

Gus Jr. and I are doing a live workshop on:

“How to Win and Keep the Heart of Your Teenager, So You Can Build a Peaceful and Happy Relationship.


When: Tuesday, July 18th, 2017
Time: 8:30pm EST5:30pm PST
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During this free training, you will learn:

How to Have Influence Over Your Teenager, so They Listen to YOU (and not their friends)

The ONE Strategy You Must Implement, So Communication Will Improve and They Can Open Up to You

What is Specifically Required for You to Win Their Heart Back, Once You’ve Lost It

What is the Greatest “Culprit” In Your Relationship with Your Teen

And more! Plus Q&A time

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