How to Save Your Marriage from Divorce

I took my wedding ring off and left it in his nightstand…

I never imagined we would get to this. My heart was shattered and in pieces. The future looked dim and lonely. I had flashes of me with the six children as a single mom, hustling just like my mom had- one, maybe two jobs to make ends meet.

Divorce had never been an option, but I didn’t see any other way out.

Marriage can be a challenging and painful relationship and although some statistics say “divorce rates are down,” I find that hard to believe. In fact, I look around and more than half of the couples I know end up in divorce.

Miraculously, Gus and I didn’t end up divorced, in spite of our disastrous marriage failures. On the contrary, our marriage has grown stronger and today I can’t imagine my life without him. Everyday a new relationship is created and I love who we are becoming together.

Thankfully, we learned invaluable lessons we are able to pass on to couples who find themselves hanging on the tightrope of divorce.  



In this week’s video, I’d like to share the MYTHS OF DIVORCE (you know… the many reasons people use to say they can’t save their marriage- things like “I don’t love him/her anymore; he/she is not my soulmate; he/she doesn’t want to try; it’s too late for us; he/she has gone too far!”).

If that’s you… give yourself a few minutes and watch this helpful video now. There is so much at stake.

I would also like to share the STEPS to save your marriage. These steps are CRITICAL, so it’s important that you take action now.

Not every couple is meant to stay together, but I will say many more couples were meant to stay together than what they are. Marriage is an incredible opportunity to grow and to find out how powerful you are. Marriage is a gift and your spouse is a gift- if you allow it to be that way. Give yourself a chance and watch this week’s video now or forward it to someone who could need it.