How to Choose Quality Audio for Children

I often hear from parents how “choosing quality audio books for children is so hard with all selections available today.” But, I know finding quality audios for children is not as hard as it seems when you have the right guidelines and know where to look.

Finding quality audios for children is NOT as hard as it seems when you have the right guidelines...

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One of my sons is an auditory learner, hence it encouraged me to fill his need for learning with audio books. Over the years of motherhood, I’ve sorted through hundreds of choices. Every story weighed against, “does this story uplift him? Does it advance his spirit, soul and mind?” Thus the stories that did pass my test inspired my other children to listen too.

Here are some guidelines to help you choose the best audio books for your children:

1) Look for stories with good character and moral values. Don’t just settle for any story. Look for audio books that have noble characters, and include virtues such as honesty, responsibility, truthfulness, kindness, etc.

2) Make sure they are exciting and interesting, without destroying a child’s innocence. So many stories today are written with lots of excitement, the only problem is there is an emphasis on murder, evil and darkness. Well written stories don’t need these themes to be good. Rather, they use a worthy cause to create the climax of the story and keep a child’s attention.

3) Find engaging readers. Sometimes a story line is very good, but the reading is dull and monotonous. The voice has to keep a child interested enough to keep listening. A little height or depth, at times, helps the story come alive. I have even heard authors who include songs during the story. 

4) Choose audios based on a child’s age. Different ages have different needs, therefore make audios available which are appropriate for your child’s age. This will ensure they remain interested and engaged with the story.

5) Read reviews about the audios before you make a commitment. Make sure you find a good review about the audio, and most importantly make sure the review comes from someone you trust. They must have good values themselves if you are going to follow their advice, otherwise, you would have wasted your money. 

They must have good values themselves if you are going to follow their advice...

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