How and Why to Teach Character to Your Children (and You)

If you know my story, you already know I had terrible habits when I was single… I used to wait until the last minute to do my essays and I was always late for school. When I became a mom, I used to talk to my friends on the phone, while the kids made a mess and the large piles of laundry gazed straight at my guilty soul.

But there is ONE THING that saved my life. For good.

I was saved by the bell when I learned how to properly train my children (and me) in character.

It was because of character that I was able to make my crooked paths straight and get my life, my kids and my house in order. It is also because of character that I have been able to create a successful business.

I want to teach you exactly what we’ve done.

Gus and I did a Facebook Live Workshop on “How to Teach Character to Your Children (and you).”

We covered a detailed step by step of exactly how we do this with our children and we answered your most pressing questions. We have a truly amazing community and we’ll love for you to watch the awesome replay.

We talked about:

why character training is the thing that will keep you from yelling and nagging.

    • how it will guarantee a profitable and successful future for your children.
    • how character will help your children manage themselves from the inside out.
    • what character traits will make the most difference in your family.
    • the WRONG way to train in character (and the RIGHT way to train in character).
    • resources you could use that will make character training easy peasy.
    • and more!

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