5 Tips to Make Your Homeschool Simple and Effective

I had been homeschooling for 5 years and I was expecting my 4th child… As much as I enjoyed and delighted in the learning and fun activities, my body was weary and burdened.

I wasn’t getting enough sleep and the pressure of having to homeschool everyday was beyond what I could handle.

I felt as if I was stuck in a corner and out of choices.

I wanted to homeschool, but homeschooling came at a very heavy cost to me. I wanted the best for my children, but the best for my children was costing me. I KNEW I NEEDED TO SIMPLIFY AND MAKE MY HOMESCHOOLING MORE EFFECTIVE, otherwise I was not going to make it!

I wasn’t getting enough sleep. The pressure of homeschooling everyday was beyond what I could handle. #homeschoolmom

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Have you ever felt this way?

If you have been homeschooling for more than a year, you definitely have. The truth is homeschooling is an investment in our children, but that investment sometimes comes at a loss. The loss comes when the caregiver (mom) doesn’t eat at the right times…or doesn’t eat at all. The loss comes when we have to coordinate chores and school and schedules to make it all work, and we are constantly going, going, going- like the Energizer Bunny.

We might gain the education we never had and the beauty of seeing our children learn and grow, but the gain comes at a cost…like everything valuable in our life.

I am not minimizing the beauty in our homeschool. I am simply acknowledging the truth of our sacrifice and acknowledging the truth of how tired we could become from the choice to homeschool.

With that in mind, I wanted to share 5 tips to make your homeschool simple and effective, so you can overcome the hump of another year in the trenches of homeschooling:

1) Make Goals- For me, everything always starts with goal setting. When I started homeschooling, I developed the habit of writing down my academic and character goals on paper. Writing down my goals gave me a clear map as to what I needed to do and how to make that happen. There are moms who want their homeschool to look one way, but in reality it looks completely different and that’s because they haven’t spent time writing down their goals and defining their outcome for the year. Develop the habit of goal setting for your homeschool and you’ll be on track to your best homeschool year ever! When you are off-course, it will be easier to get you back in gear, because you can take a look at what your original goals looked like. Therefore spend some time making academic and character goals for each homeschool year.

Develop the habit of goal setting for your #homeschool & you’ll be on track to your best homeschool year ever!

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2) Simplify Your Life- The rush and the hectic lifestyle usually comes from not having a simple life. The times when I’ve been the most stressed, it was because I was trying to do too much and trying to be in too many places at once. With young children, it is impossible to be a volunteer or chauffeur to too many activities. It is best to identify the goals and then look for the simplest ways to achieve those goals, without over committing. Keep life simple and you will simply enjoy life!

3) Implement a natural approach to learning- Homeschooling multiple children can be a daunting task, but it’s doable when we choose a natural and relaxed approach. I love the Charlotte Mason philosophy and Unschooling, but I’ve found the best for me was an eclectic approach that fit me and my family. Personalized homeschooling is the best approach, because there are no two families that are alike. Would you like to learn how to create a personalized approach for you? See my special invitation below.

Keep life simple and you will simply enjoy life!

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4) Evaluate Your Progress- We tend to think homeschool could be a breeze with the perfect curriculum. Unfortunately, that is not so. Successful homeschooling requires planning, tweaking and a system that is adapted to your family as each member grows. Part of the success of your family’s system is evaluating your progress each step along the way and finding out what works and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to evaluate your progress and measure your “failures” and success.

Part of the success of your family’s system is evaluating your progress each step along the way. #homeschool #family

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5) Take Time for Self-Care- This is where the majority of homeschool moms fail. Unfortunately, we give to everyone else and we forget our own physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Many moms are under/overweight, tired and/or not managing their emotions in a healthy way. I can relate to being in a state of constant weariness simply because I had no strength to take care of myself. The little strength I had was used to serve my family. I had to learn to invest in me and give myself value and care. When I learned to do that, I was able to create a better life for me and my family.

I hope you’ll remember these five key tips as you tackle your homeschool year. If you consider each point and check whether you have applied it or not, you will find these tips will help you tremendously!

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