Adults Need Fun Too!

There I was sitting with other parents…

We watched surprised and amused as the children played for hours in a fun indoor park. These children didn’t skip a beat and they didn’t get tired. They ran worry free from slide to obstacle course

to swings to climbing wall. Their faces were carefree, except for the occasional fall and their only worry in the world was not getting enough tickets for prizes.

And that’s when it hit me!!

Adults stop having fun at some point of our life. We become “adults,” full of responsibilities and with things to do all the time. We pay bills. We repair things. We raise children and we make companies grow.

We only laugh when it’s socially acceptable and the highlight of the year for most is a pay raise.

Which is exactly why we need to occasionally play and have fun.  Whether it be jumping on a trampoline, playing at the park with your kids, or making a trip to Universal Studios to ride the rides, we all need to take the time every now and then to remember what it is like to have fun and forget about stress and problems.  In today’s video, I talk about having fun and my new idea for an adult indoor play park! it is your turn to put a comment below!