Has Your Family Been Hacked? 5 Tips to Know For Sure!

Over the last month, my online server (where I host my websites) experienced the largest hack of its kind! I had over 8,000 urls (other pages) installed on my websites and over 65,000 spam emails were sent from the email server. The hacks happened on two separate occasions, within a week apart, which clearly means we didn’t take the proper measures on the first clean up.

This little “joke” from strangers all over the world- literally Russia, China, Vietnam, France, etc., cost my business over $600, more than 100 hours worth of work divided between 5 people and a lot of sleepless nights!!!

I have to be honest with youI never thought I’d be hacked…at least not at this point of the online game. I thought only “famous” companies and celebrities get hacked (maybe I’m famous? haha). When I set up my sites on their “home-” the server, I thought that was it! I had basic passwords and I didn’t understand what the hype about STRONG passwords was all about. I was not aware of what a Firewall is and what it does and I didn’t know about ways to protect my server to guard it from evil hackers.

What does this have to do you with you?

Well, this entire process made me think a lot about our families and whether we are taking the right measures to protect them from FAMILY HACKERS.

Maybe you are like me and think you won’t be hacked because your family is not “famous.” After all, it’s normal evil hackers would attack famous people, but why would they attack me?

FAMILIES ARE BEING HACKED (and they don’t even know it). 

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The truth is hackers attack everyone that HAS AN OPEN DOOR. I had open doors and unprotected ways where they could get in…and they found the doors, the loose hinges and broken windows to get into my house. MY HOUSE. Unbelievable! Hackers don’t respect privacy and they don’t respect you. They are trespassers and will not knock to be invited. They are NEVER welcome, yet they come in anyway.

Hackers attack everyone that HAS AN ENVIRONMENT TO HOST THEM. All they need is a host to play out their plans and they are looking for the right environment to live in without being noticed as long as they can. Next thing you know, they are in and they’ve settled, while you are paying for it! Sometimes you’ll see “delays” in your house, and you have no clue it’s because these hackers are slowing you down with their business.

I hope this is making sense and you are grasping this crucial analogy. It is no coincidence the biggest site hacked was BuildingCharacterwithChildren.com That is the site that hosts my premium family content for you and it was affected the most!! FAMILIES ARE BEING HACKED (and they don’t even know it).

“How is my family being hacked?” you may be asking…

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Here are a few ways your family may have open doors and is under potential attack by family hackers:

1) Bad Communication- Communication is no easy job for the family…even for “good communicators.” The idea of sharing information and emotions in the family AND not be misunderstood at the same time is a huge task. When a mom tries telling a son to pick up his room and he hears criticism, it is setting the perfect opportunity to be hacked, because the communication being used is not clear enough in the interpretation. Instead, we must learn to communicate effectively to leave no chance for misinterpretation. I say what I mean and I mean what I say.

2) Lack of Vision- Maybe you think your family is not “famous,” and you don’t need to take extreme protective measures, but perhaps you are missing the fact your family is an influencer in your community and therefore has the potential to be at risk. I realized I underestimated my online power and didn’t protect my server as if I was housing important content…I took it for granted, because I lacked vision. Grasp the vision of where your family is going and hold on to that vision and PREPARE NOW for what is coming.

3) Lack of Emotional Connection- We could be so busy with everyday life that we may often disregard the need for emotional connection between ALL members in the family. Sometimes children hurt not because of mom, but because a sibling is mocking them… We must be aware to be connected with each other, so we can know when something is wrong. Don’t be like me and wait until you get an email from Google (letter from a teacher, an ugly text, nasty images on the computer) letting you know your “house” is sending spam. Be on the alert and stay connected!

Grasp the vision of where your family is going and hold on to that vision and PREPARE NOW for what is coming.

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4) Lack of Proper Training- I have a team and I didn’t communicate nor train my team on the importance of being aware of online threats. You can let your family know there is harm out there, AND you must TRAIN EACH MEMBER of your family to stay alert and know exactly what to do when there is a threat.

5) Lack of Constant Growth in ALL Areas- Some parents focus on helping their children grow physically and intellectually, but may lose focus when helping children grow on emotional health. Others may do a great job on spiritual matters, but forget the development of the mind. I kept growing my subscriber list, but disregarded my internal matters of security; In other words, I didn’t grow in all areas. For a family to thrive, it has to be growing in all areas, without disregarding one or the other. You have to be aware of the areas you are lacking and seek proper training to be effective overall. It’s much better to be at 30% growth in all areas, than to be at 80% in 2 and 10% in the other 2. Overall, a family is stronger when it has balance and can sustain itself if it is growing in all areas.

For a family to thrive, it has to be growing in all areas, without disregarding one or the other.

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Although I’ve shared a lot about my server and sites being hacked, know my family has been hacked SEVERELY several times in my life. Looking back, I wish I would’ve had someone teach me to close all the doors of my house to keep evil hackers from hurting us. We left many of the doors open and the hacks cost us dearly…

The happy ending to this story is that not only my family, but my server and sites are safe from hackers. We’ve built our own firewall and what hackers think is the entrance is not the entrance anymore- they have no clue where the openings are- literally. We have strong passwords to protect our hearts and sites. We are staying connected and have powerful communication to reinforce the inside security of all our properties. If harm comes our way, our team is on the lookout and we are ready to overcome quickly.

Please take the proper measure to protect your family from strange invaders that only want to use you as a host to do their illegal business. BUILD A FIREWALL. Your family is your most valuable gift and you must protect it at all cost!!

Question: Take a little test with me. Based on what you read above, choose the one that best applies to you:

1) Your family has been hacked.

2) Your family has the potential to be hacked.

3) Your family is safe from hackers! Yay! 

Next, share your answer and tell us your thoughts.


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