Empty Nest Syndrome

Do we still have the “Empty Nesting” syndrome? I don’t think so. Women in their 40’s are no longer feeling the loneliness and emptiness from their children being gone. Women in their 40’s and up are now asking themselves “What am I here for? What can I do now?” I call it the “Fly Now Moment.”  Are you finding yourself at home missing your little birds who have expanded their wings and taken flight or do you have a desire to find more beyond the “Empty Nest” Syndrome? Watch this video to find out your next step!

This is the season where you finally get to make it about you, your purpose and your contribution beyond your family! If you are ready to find your purpose in the world, join me for Live Life The Experience, April 12-14, 2019 in Miami and let’s explore the many possibilities that await you! LiveLifeTheExperience.com

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