Emotional Intelligence vs. Emotional Healing

There is a lot of talk about emotional intelligence today. Schools and large corporations are finally speaking about it and teaching it to students and employees. These organizations have finally discovered the many benefits behind emotional intelligence and how much better people perform when they are able to manage their emotions, feelings, thoughts and relationships with others.

And although this is great news…

We still see a high rate of addiction, guilt, control, fear and suicide in our society. People are being medicated left and right. Children are being “diagnosed” at earlier ages with emotional diseases that assign them labels such as “anxious, depressed, sensitive.”

The challenge is many people are not aware of the difference between emotional intelligence and emotional healing. Distinguishing the two is crucial because each accomplishes something different in a person and they are BOTH absolutely necessary to live as a whole and complete person.



Emotional intelligence is the ability to process emotions, feelings and thoughts in a healthy way. Emotional intelligence includes resolving conflicts with successful outcomes, learning from negative experiences and maintaining a positive state of mind. If you live through an uncomfortable situation, emotional intelligence will make sure that you process it in a healthy way.

Emotional healing is the ability to go into your past and remove any pain or beliefs that are hindering you from being emotionally healthy now. Emotional healing deals with the root of not feeling loved unconditionally, having low self confidence and low self esteem, continuing with negative patterns of behavior, not feeling good enough and not knowing who you are.

Even with a decent amount of emotional intelligence, people with low emotional healing will still feel trapped or stuck in their current situation. And the opposite is also true- people who have experienced emotional healing might find themselves repeating old patterns, because they may have not necessarily learned all aspects of emotional intelligence.

Learning the process of emotional intelligence and emotional healing takes time. Each area has to be addressed and each area has to be mastered if you are going to live as a healthy individual.

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