Does Your Church Have Walls?

Walls give us a sense of safety and comfortable boundaries. Walls protect us from danger and from inclement weather. Walls define us and keep us separated from those we choose to not be acquainted with and those we do.

Walls could be used for good, but in the case of the church, walls have divided and separated a group of people from others. A church was never meant to have walls…

The physical walls churches have created to disciple their members have also caused physical, emotional and spiritual walls that divide and partition one people group from another.

“What church do you go to?” is a common question I often ask. BUT THAT IS THE WRONG QUESTION TO ASK.

A church was never meant to have walls…

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We all belong to the same church and our church should not have walls… we were not meant to stay in a building.

The original intent of the church is precisely what a very special organization in Miami is doing. Reforma XXI is a non-profit organization serving the homeless (or re-defined as “friends” in the video below).

This small group of people have decided they are not going to stay in “walls” and they are not too “small” to make a difference. They are doing the possible and the impossible to make sure their life is as “wall-less” as it could be. Their church does not have walls and that is why they are making the biggest difference.

I found out about Reforma XXI from my special friend, Andres Cuervo. Andres is the audio-video producer and director of Vida Extrema Network and is the responsible party behind the professional video in the Andres is also the creator of the documentary, About Us page and the parenting mini-course videos.

Without Walls. As you’ll see in the video, Andres and Reforma XXI are choosing to live a “church without walls” in different ways. To Reforma, the church without walls looks like helping those less fortunate and to Andres, the church without walls looks like using his talents to help those “in walls” visualize and experience the life of minorities and the less fortunate through film.

Fortunately, Without Walls was recently selected to be featured as a finalist in a contest that allows Vida Extrema the opportunity to win up to $10,000, so Andres can create more films that bring awareness and a higher level of consciousness…so we too could choose to live “without walls.”

I have a very special favor to ask… would you please visit this link: and vote immediately for Without Walls, then would you please share this link on your social media page to bring awareness to the fact we need to live a church without walls so we can show others they matter and we are not divided.

Question: What does a church without walls looks like to you? Share your thoughts in the comment box below.

<p>Carlos Andrés Cuervo was born in Bogotá, Colombia. For over 15 years, he has worked as a photo-journalist, covering stories and documenting the life of minority ethnic groups in Asia, Central America and South America.

With his films, he believes firmly that when it comes to telling the untold stories of people doing something to make a difference, there is no story too small to tell, no story too big to touch one heart and change the world for good.

Andres Cuervo
Vida Extrema Network