Can a Mom of 6 Have Six Pack Abs in 40 Days?

Some people say 40 is the new 30…

I sure hope so, because I’m turning 40 on July 1st and honestly I feel younger and happier than ever!

God has given me a wonderful family and friends and I’m blessed to do what I love in my business.

With just 40 days away from turning 40, I looked at my life and decided there is one area I could be working a bit harder in…

…my health.

I eat healthy and I’m active, but due to the family and business demands, I don’t make it to the gym as often as I would like.

For this reason I made a commitment to myself and I’m making a commitment to you so you can hold me accountable to being in shape and having a six pack by my 40th bday!

Youtube Link Can a Mom of 6 Have Six Pack Abs in 40 Days?

Yep, this mom of six is ready to have the best body she’s ever had and I want you to check my progress (and join me if you want).

Curiously enough, I happened to partner with a special company that is allowing me to try a fitness gadget you might have seen on TV or Youtube- The Flex Belt, which should help me accomplish this crazy goal. The Flex Belt uses science discovered in the year 1,791 and is used in the medical industry, as well as by Olympic athletes. In essence the belt uses electronic muscle stimulation to tone the muscle. I will be using it while in the house, along with a sound diet and a steady regimen of weights and cardio (to be shared in future posts) so I can tone up my belly- which is my biggest challenge due to having six children.

If you want to join me in starting your fitness journey, then put your name below and share this post on social media with the hashtag #40in40 and #shirleyabchallenge If you want to catapult your success, then get a Flex Belt and try it with me…otherwise, stay tuned for my audacious challenge to have a six pack by my 40th bday in 40 days! it is your turn to put a comment below!