#ILoveMyKids Parenting Series- The Brutally Honest Truth About Parenting

I have never met a mom who doesn’t love her kids!

Even the “worse” mother loves her kids, but simply didn’t learn how to SHOW love to her child.

And the Brutally Honest truth about parenting, is most of us were not taught how to parent. I mean…most of us grew up in dysfunctional homes (I know I did), so how could we have learned to raise physically, emotionally and spiritually healthy adults?

Most of us were not taught to parent from a healthy heart. How can we parent without help?

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As you know, we have gotten this far with a little trial and error and a big dosage of grace. And although the dosage of grace continues, the trial and error doesn’t have to include so many trials…

I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life learning to Raise [my] Powerful and Amazing Kids, and I found there are common denominators.
There are KEY things we must Do and Be when parenting. The interesting thing is so many times parents focus on what really doesn’t make a difference, thinking they are doing the right thing, ONLY TO FIND OUT THEIR KIDS HATE THEM AND WANT NOTHING TO DO WITH GOD, AS A RESULT!
Listen…if I could physically go into your home and help you realize how important it is to build a strong family with physically, EMOTIONALLY and spiritually healthy adults I would. But I can’t…I can’t physically drive to your home, but I can do the next best thing, which is give you free access to my signature online parenting training.

You might think this is “one more workshop,” but it’s not! I am on a mission and that makes all the difference…

I want to raise up your level of parenting, so you can raise the kind of kids you always envisioned. You get several chances to join me this week:


I can guarantee you will never be the same.

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