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Hola, Soy Shirley Solis

Ever since I was a little girl, living in Ecuador, I had great dreams to become an astronaut, president, or a famous singer. Today, I do all of that - I discover and explore new worlds…worlds of learning, travel, and the depths of the human soul and spirit. I influence and bring transformation at all levels, making a large impact everywhere I go. And while I don’t sing very well, I do sing loudly so everyone will know I am alive!

I have always had a passion for life, creativity, and world change! Desiring to live to the fullest, I intentionally pursue drinking every last drop of the nectar of life... From a young age, my Mother taught me that the impossible could be possible. Her words of encouragement echoed through the many caverns of my heart and awaken an unshakable belief that my dreams could be a reality.

Sadly like so many women today, somewhere down the road of life, I lost myself. I became so involved in the daily routine of being a wife, a mother of six, and a business woman, that suddenly I was no longer living my own life. I gave everything to the people around me, but forgot the simple instructions frequently heard on airplanes. “Put your oxygen mask on first, then help the person next to you.” The more I struggled to rescue the people I love the most, the more I forgot my needs. Slowly I died, settling for the everyday. I knew I was created for more, but didn’t know what to do...

My catalyst for change came in the most painful way - a struggling marriage. Faced with the reality that I forgot who I was, and on the verge of losing my marriage, I sunk into the bleakest season of my life. But the darkest time of the night comes just before the dawn, and dawn was beginning to break...

Realizing I was not a victim, but a powerful woman with choices at her fingertips, I took the first step in my walk to victory. While I knew I could not change others, I could undergo a metamorphosis, and in doing so, transformation rippled through every aspect of my life. I became my greatest catalyst for positive change. Like a garden finally exiting the winter season into the spring, life began to flourish - and it was good.

Now, my closest supporter and friend is my amazing husband, who loves me for the vivacious, spirited woman I am. As I reach for the stars, he propels me forward. While my message isn’t for everyone, it is for a specific tribe of women and mothers who are fully committed to and are passionate about changing themselves and the world around them.

If you are the type of woman I am talking about, then put your name and email in the box below and I promise to stay in touch!

Professional Bio

Shirley Solis is a Certified Master Coach and Time Line Therapist® with the Tad James Company, one of the world's leading coaching companies in transformation and mindset shifts. Her certification and expertise allow her to provide immediate breakthroughs GUARANTEED, in the areas of relationship, personal growth, weight loss and health. She is also a Business Strategist, Product and Brand Creation Consultant, Author, Speaker and Family Catalyst, who leads powerful people to live out their purpose by first creating a strong foundation of FAMILY at home.

As the working mother of six amazing children, Shirley understands the challenges of having a strong and overall healthy family in today's fast-paced society. As a result, she created Powerful Parenting Academy, the #1 Program to help parents provide a strong foundation of character and leadership for their children, so the family can thrive and the children can excel and make a difference in the world.  

Shirley is the author of  the #1 Amazon Best Seller Not Just Tacos Cookbook -A Journey Into the World of Authentic Latin American Cuisine, as well as creator of the Youngpreneur Program.

Majoring in Marketing and minoring in International Business, she received her B.A. from Florida International University. Already a mother of one and pregnant with her second, she showed her level of dedication by graduating magna cum laude in merely three years.

Her innate aptitude for marketing and enthusiasm for business incited several successful enterprises over the last ten years including a  family bookstore, Lifetime Books and Gifts. Then in 2005, a public lecture at a Homeschooling Convention, launched her career as a Transformational Life Speaker. For this reason, the family embarked on yearly RV’ing trips across the United States bringing their wisdom to thousands of families throughout the nation.

In 2011, through the pioneering of her own online brand, Shirley mastered Internet Marketing while drawing from the wisdom of other business gurus including Jose Luis Galvis, Jeff Walker, Mike Filsaime, Andy Jenkins, Amy Porterfield, Christina Morassi, Nick Unsworth and Perry Marshall.

Making Homestead, Florida her home, Shirley lives wholeheartedly. Whether spending romantic evenings with her husband, educating her children, pioneering business, embracing the ironic hero of a Bollywood film, investing into her family and closest friends, or immersing herself into a good book, she does everything with passion and intentionality.

Shirley’s delightfully upbeat personality and convicting message, derived from life experiences, inspires others to live with purpose, passion and contribution. Her words of inspiration and encouragement continue to transform life for thousands of women nationwide.

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