A New Ending to My #MeToo Story

The #MeToo movement created huge awareness regarding women and men who had been sexually molested. Scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed, I kept seeing personal friends posting updates that included the hashtag #metoo. Although a part of me was surprised, another part of me wasn’t. By now, I am well aware of how prevalent the issue of sexual predators is in our society.

What’s unfortunate is that most of these traumatic events happened when the victims were young and it left a scar that many have been unable to reverse.

I’m fortunate to have “stumbled” upon help and support in healing this area of my life. It’s been a long process and it has been worth it. But how was I supposed to know it REALLY WAS healed? Well, life gave me a second chance to know I was healed. And although it came in an uncomfortable and challenging situation, I am grateful to have lived the experience and HAVE A NEW ENDING to the #MeToo story. I want to invite you to watch the video below, where I share what happened to me and what my new ending was. I hope it encourages and empowers you to create a new ending to your unfortunate events.


Question- How does this “new ending” empower you to recreate your past trauma? Share your answer in the comments below.