Healing Daddy Issues- Is it Possible?

Many women today do not have the experience of having grown up with their dad. They don’t have the experience of what it feels like to have had a daddy to comfort her and keep her safe. A daddy to pick you up when you fall and smile when you walk into the room.

The endless tears of this loss are some I thought would never end…

I could see the consequences of this loss all around me- as a teen I searched for love in all the wrong places. Then, as a married woman, I had an endless void Gus could have never filled and ultimately as a woman, my self worth was shattered. “How could I be worth anything, if my dad didn’t care enough to stay.”

Lies and uncertainty were part of my everyday turmoil and my longing for “daddy” until I chose to heal my “daddy issues.” I had to work through the abandonment, the rejection and the shame of being a “fatherless” girl. I had to heal the effects of not feeling safe, not being loved, not being protected. I started healing and restoring my life to become a restored and empowered woman.

I know I’m not the only one out there with a similar experiences and I encourage every woman who did not have a father or maybe who had one but didn’t have a healthy dad relationship, to be willing to step in to that journey of healing and finding what was missing, so she could put those pieces of brokenness back together.

So much of what we do is from those childhood patterns that affect us. We keep recreating the same patterns from childhood. Not having a dad might show up as wanting to have a lot of men in your life, not valuing yourself, or maybe not stepping up and feeling the security and confidence in being a woman. It’s something we have to experience and be willing to be courageous enough because we don’t want to keep recreating those patterns.

You can start this journey at Live Life The Experience, April 12-14, 2019 (only 47 days away!).

On day 1, we work through building up your joy and unconditional love tank, so that entering into the dark crevices of pain will be much easier than if you went into it cold turkey. I get it! You’ve already gone through a lot and I’m going to honor you and respect you as the beautiful and fragile woman you are in order to support your heal and bring out the strength you have within.

This event will transform your life! If you are a woman who did not grow up with a father or a healthy father figure, you have to register NOW! This will allow you to heal and feel alive!


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